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“Money for Nothing” Isn’t Just a Popular Song Title Anymore

In the 1980s, Dire Straits had a popular song called “Money for Nothing”. Back then, getting paid for doing nothing was just a pipe dream. It’s a concept that is about to be made a reality by the folks at Tapestri. For simply running their no-cost cell phone app, Tapestri users will be able to collect $5-$25 per month.

Check out Tapestri by going here.

You might be asking yourself “Why would somebody pay for simply running a cell phone app”. The answer is really pretty simple. The folks at Tapestri are planning to follow the model set by Facebook, Google, and Twitter. Those tech behemoths made their BILLIONS by collecting, segmenting, and monetizing their user’s data.

Companies and marketers were willing to pay Facebook, Google, and Twitter in order to get their products and services in front of members with an interest in what they had to offer. Search histories, websites visited, groups joined, and so on provided indications of individuals interested in different products and services. Companies paid handsomely to get their advertisements in front of highly-targeted, interested buyers.

Don’t believe me? Check out the valuations of those companies as of this Business Announcement:

Facebook – $279.95 billion

Google – $1837.78 billion

Twitter – $4.4 billion

Today, practically everyone owns a cell phone and takes it wherever they go. Companies have an interest in knowing the demographics of people and where they go and when. It’s that need that Tapestri aims to fill and their simple cell phone app will make it all happen. Unlike Facebook, Google, and Twitter who exploited user data and shared none of the proceeds with the users themselves, Tapestri will pay users for their data.

As marketers, Tapestri will provide a unique opportunity for those that choose to become Tapestri Affiliates. For simply referring people to use what is sure to be an in-demand app when it goes live, Tapestri Affiliates can earn $1 per month for every referral who qualifies by downloading the app, running it, and setting their location data to always.

Tapestri Affiliates can also earn $1 per month for every qualified referral of their qualified referrals. Imagine referring a social-media influencer with thousands of followers. If even a small percentage of those followers become qualified referrals of the social-media influencer that could become a significant monthly income for little to no work.

The Tapestri app has recently been approved by both Apple and Android. It’s undergoing final beta testing right now. Becoming a Tapestri Affiliate before the app goes live qualifies affiliates for some awesome savings on the ~$10 per month affiliate fee. Now is the time to sign up as a Tapestri Affiliate.

Learn about becoming a Tapestri Affiliate here.

I look forward to working with you to help build OUR Tapestri network.

This article was published on 16.08.2021 by William Wilson
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