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A lot of products we use on a daily basis contain things like Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Triclosan, Formaldehyde and others which together form a chemical cocktail which is not good either for us or the environment. Wikaniko (pronounced We-Can-Eco) aims to provide a one stop online shop to enable people to easily find safer alternatives, from cleaning and laundry, pet products, health, nutrition, and wellbeing, baby care, aromatherapy oils, through to personal care and lots more besides.

If we can help everyone make at least one or two changes in the products they use every day just think what a difference we could all make.

All our products are based on natural ingredients, ethically sourced, with no animal testing, and what's more our prices are comparative to the High Street, not racked up to put them out of reach of all but the richest in society. In fact you can actually save money by “being greener”.

For example: Take a look at these:

The eco laundry eggs represent amazing value for money at £19.99 for 720 washes. That equates to just 3p per wash. Even the supermarket special offers can't offer you that deal - and yes, I do use them myself! They are even endorsed by Allergy UK as being kinder to those who are sensitive to ‘normal detergents’.

Why not try the Fabric Conditioner to go with it? At £9.99 there's enough in one bottle to last you a whole year, just by cutting out the water and superfluous ingredients that are normally found in Fabric Conditioner. It comes with a measured dose trigger so you use just the right amount first time and every time.

Sound too good to be true? Take a look at the videos on my website, they will demonstrate the savings you can make, and more importantly the savings your customers can make.

Check it out yourself, my website address is:

And, of course because these are products we need and use every day there is built in capacity for repeat orders from your satisfied customers. The concept is straight forward, we all know the changes going on around us and haven’t we all thought to ourselves that, dreadful though it all is, there is nothing WE can do? Well we were wrong. There is something WE can do, WE can facilitate change and set up a domino effect spreading the word so that eventually we all examine what we are using and the impact it has on us and our environment.

Our world is too precious to leave it to somebody else to fix. Let’s do our bit. Let’s Make a Difference!

This article was published on 10.03.2016 by Michele Watts
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