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First Thing to Work on Before You Can Make A Living Online.


l have heard from different people that said someone can make money with some program online,without selling product,rendering service to others,selling advert space on your website or blog.

 Such people who are doing that might made money but they won't be able to make massive income unlike those people who have different products they are selling to others online.

 Before building your website or listing,you need to think deeply that what product should l send to target market online? How would this product benefit them?

 Which solution is it going to solve in their life, be it health wise, financial wise or marriage wise?

 Top income earners in Nigeria and foreign online marketers,have different products they are selling to their email lists every now and then.

 internet is biggest market you can ever think of. The total products bought online in a year, is more than $5 billion.

 ln spite of your knowledge, experience or skill,you can package it and start to be selling online, almost what is been sold offline have transfers to be sold offline as well.

 The secret of top internet millionaires in the past and now is,they have products of high ticket { products of high price they are selling} they offering to people to solve one problem or others in life and they made a living online by selling.

 This is very act you need to master, if you really want to live dot com life style as well.Packaging information to sell isn't as difficult as you presume.

By the time you have valuable information that you want to package and start selling online, you research further through searching engine life google and and yahoo search engine, this will assist you with more information.

 Alternatively,if you can package your golden information to be in pdf format or package it as an information to be sold online.The next and easy thing, you can go for, is to become affiliate of others.

This means, by promoting others people products online, while you will be given commissions, on the volume of products sold by you.

This will safe you a lot of time to creating your products and write sales letter to sell it. lt would save you a lot of money to do that if you don't have much money you are starting with your business on making money online.

lf you have already built your website and you are receiving tons of traffic on it in a day. You can simply monetize your website or blog,by allowing people to place ads on your website while you will be paid without creating or packaging any products to sell.

You can start earning residual income online forever.

Checkout the below websites and their daily and yearly earning.

Rank Website     Founders              Annual Revenue   Per Second

 1. Google     Larry Page & Sergey Brin $21,800,000,000    $671.27

 2. Amazon      Jeff Bezos              $19,166,000,000    $607.75

 3. Yahoo      Jerry Yang & David Filo   $7,200,000,000    $228.31

 4. eBay       Pierre Omidyar            $6,290,000,000    $199.45

 5. Facebook   Mark Zuckerberg           $300,000,000      $9.51

 6. YouTube    Chad Hurley & Steve Chen  $300,000,000      $9.51

 7. Alibaba    Jack Ma                   $316,000,000      $10.02

 8.    Robb Brock                $400,000,000      $12.68

 9. Paypal     Max Levchin & Peter Thiel $2,250,000,000    $71.35

 10.Zappos     Nick Swinmurm             $1,000,000,000    $31.71

 Having through the above websites,by visiting them you will discover they one service or others they are rendering in terms of selling physical things to ads space like, yahoo and google.

  Let me know if you have any questions on how you can build your online business like Pro, you can reach via now or call-2348039334809.



This article was published on 25.10.2016 by Olu John
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