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Hello my fellow networking marketing team mates! My name is Tabecka and I am very proud to announce that there is a program with a great supportive staff out there waiting to bless lives and make families happy. This program is a re-sellers program of educational financial literacy products that are not just sold but also utilized by members to learn how to market, brand and invest your funds properly while starting or running a business. For a one time out of pocket fee you get one educational bundle worth $40. That $40 buys you a package worth $640. From there you earn $10,000 and it goes up to $163,000!! What I love best about this program is that we are merged with a social media site called my Qkadoo. Here you get paid to be social. Create a post, share a post, comment on a post and get paid! If you join 5000Families Qkadoo will give you a free $75 matrix position that will put $401 in your pocket, paid weekly. You will also receive a free $100 rev-share that can be used for advertising your business on the social media site. We have an awesome crowd funding program where you can have funds donated for any cause such as buying a home, getting your roof fixed or even paying off a few bills. Now after reading all of this juicy info isn't your tummy now hungry for a bowl of green cash dollars? Lol! Heck I'm just about full but there is always room for more when it comes to earning money. We are blessing thousands of people with this great opportunity. Families are happy and having the best life changing experience. What a great feeling. Come and join us. We are welcoming great people from all over the world and will be here when you get here! For those interested in joining 5000Families here is the link: http://www.5000Families.com/?tc5w1ft. Expect to see webinar videos where you can browse for more information and see what the training consists of at the sign up page. If you'd like to take a peek in at the Qkadoo site it is free to join and this is my friend me link: https://qkadoo.com//friendme/21ca9fb-4-0dc4-40a7-9a2b-9c182d6be5e-tc5w1ft. This is where you will also see tour and training videos. Don't worry, everything is simple and if you get stuck there is always someone around if you have questions. Thank you for taking the time out to read my announcement. Looking forward to having you all apart of our family. 

This article was published on 17.07.2016 by Tabecka Carter
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