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People don't care what business you are in

Life is important to everyone and getting the most out of life is what people are after. Ask yourself why did you get into the business that you are in? What drove you to get into a business anyway? You did not care what others were doing or making, you care about can it work for you. When you go out and prospect for new customers or business partners think about this when talking with them. See what they need and want in life. Where are they now? If you don't ask these questions you only come off as self serving and wont get people to join you in any venture. Show them that you are looking out for their best interest and that you think that what you have may be the answer for what they are in need of and should take a look.

If you are trying too sell them you lost them before you even get started. Remember it is about meeting their needs not yours. If  you show people that you are sincere about wanting to help them out you will have their attention as least for awhile.  There are so many sales people and opportunities out there that people are already put on guard from what you are selling even if it is the perfect for them that wont matter.  You are selling and they think they don't need or want it.  People don't want to be sold to with out you taking the time to show them they are important and so are their needs.  Can I sell you some ice cream in the middle of winter?  Probably not, but you will go to the grocery and buy some.  Why is that? You want it but no one is trying to sell it to you.  That is the difference.  Engage them in conversation about them and their situation,  complement them on their attire or something noticeable.  Ask them questions on what's going on in their life.   Are they looking for something? Are they satisfied with their present condition in life?  Based on your location, ie street, store, gas station etc, rather you know the person or not and the opportunity your approach should very.  Remember you are looking for prospects who want a better life, you have the answer no matter what network marketing company you are with.  they don't care about your company, they care about rather or not you can help them.    

Frank Lawson 

This article was published on 29.12.2015 by Frank Lawson
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