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 Angel Business Club (ABC UK)

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Financial freedom is a goal for almost everybody, especially today in these trying times. Once you are faced with an unexpected scenario, you are prepared; this is the very reason why most people go through lengths to work, day and night. Nobody wants to be burdened about expenses, lifestyle, and plans for the future.

As a person, you want to control your finances without receiving a financial blow; this is where investment decisions will come in. If you’ve invested your money in the right platform, company, business, product, or service, it will eventually grow further.

Why not check-out Angel Business Club?

In this article, we’ll present to you this exciting privately-owned company, Angel Business Club!

Who is Angel Business Club?

Angel Business Club is an exclusive investment club. It has almost thousands of active members across the world. If your goal is to achieve the immense rewards of investing in small companies, that certainly have the great potential to be the next big company victory story, don’t hesitate to join Angel Business Club!

Once you’ve joined the club, you will be able to have shares from start-up businesses. There is no pressure, and you can absolutely choose your own subscription and still have a share each month.

The best thing about being a member of Angel Business Club, they provide you the opportunity that most elite individuals only have, and you don’t need to have extraordinary skill, familiarity, or a lot of money!

Advantages of being a Member of Angel Business Club

Remarkable Portfolio

The Angel Business Club is seven years in the field, and they already created an impressive portfolio of investments for its members. The exclusive club does not just randomly select businesses; they see to it that it has great potential and vast opportunities to expand when they invest in a business.

It has many notable shareholders such as the Wide Cells Group, Rockster Life-Enhancing Superfood, Firescape, and many more!

Flexible Subscription

As mentioned, they have very flexible choices in their monthly subscription. You can choose whatever you want and still have the shares every month with virtually the same value. The club also let the members always have control over their shares and they can share it with other members, as well.


The Angel Business Club makes sure that every investments and transaction are with the guidance of FCA and regulated company Capital Plus Partners.

Notable Key Advisors

Philip Reid is the advisor and chairman of Capital Plus Partner. He has over 35 years of experience in financial services and specializes in funding and selection of early-stage businesses. Not only that, but he was a former Chief Executive of the National Research Development.

Dominic Berger is also the advisor and the CEO of Capital Plus Partners. He co-founded the world’s first online TV platform and became a Managing Director of the largest online video and DVD retailer in the UK.

These two distinguished individuals are only some of the critical advisors behind Angel Business Club; once you’ve become a member, you will be able to meet more!

If you still have many questions in your head, you can absolutely visit Angel Business Club's website.

What are you waiting for? 

If you want to have your free shares this instant, worth up to €300, create an account and join Angel Business Club today! 


You’ll never know, and you might become the next successful company like Facebook, Tesla, Amazon, and many more!

This article was published on 12.02.2021 by Dr Oladimeji Afolabi
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