Do You Love yourself more!

Good Day, I want to say Happy Valentines Day to those that are reading this on Feb 14th.  This day is very special for "love", however it never allows people to express the "love" they should have for themselves.  Before I begin to share.  I enjoy this day of February along with the fact that its Black History Month as well.  It just so amazing that people will - spend , share and go out of the way to show "love" for someone in most cases.  But never - spend, share and go out of the way to show "love" for themselves. 

I just recently was able to overhear a conversation with a young man, applying for a position.  Yes a job and/or career. Throughout this conversation the young man showed a lot of ambition, desire and willingness to work.  He went on to state, "the reason I want to work , is to save enough money to get my own business, that way I can work less and make more money!"  My eyebrows went through my forehead! I am thinking, if you want to own your business, you need to be prepared to work almost 7 days a week and 24 hours. Especially in the beginning stages.

If there was a concept of "love" shown for yourself , in regards to self development, skill building, reading and listening sessions, conversion of your motor vehicle to a library on wheels.. My , my , my things would be so much better.

Ask yourself right now. Yes ask it out loud. Here is the question. Do I Love myself enough to invest , into Me? Wow, I can almost feel the responses.  When we ask these questions, it allows us time to really document and review , just how much time we spend.... skill building, learning while we earn, reading, reviewing notes, life skill development, motivation speaking, etc.

Yes ... food for thought... Thanks for reading and answering the question - Do I Love myself enough to invest, into Me?

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This article was published on 15.02.2017 by Shawn R
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