Top 7 Training Tips for Network Marketers

In today's post, I want to share 7 training tips for network marketers.  These are 7 things you can do to help take your network marketing business to the next level.  Enjoy. 

# 1 When you sponsor followers you add people to your organization. When you sponsor leaders you multiply your organization. A follower will seldom sponsor a leader, but one good leader can build a massive team of other leaders and followers.

# 2 The only difference between you and the top earners is that they have exposed the business and products to MORE people than you have and they have experienced more rejection than you have.  Go for No and you will get plenty of YESs along the way.

# 3 Many people have unrealistic expectations about what they can accomplish in 6 to 12 months.  In most cases, you won't build a successful business that quickly. Most entrepreneurs took at least three years to build a profitable and successful business, and sometimes much longer than that. Your goal should simply be to get a little bit better every single day Do that for a period of time and you will experience the Compound Effect. 

# 4 Act as if you have ONE MILLION DOLLARS invested in your business. If you did, your calendar would be so full you wouldn’t know what to do with yourself. Treat it like a million dollar business and there is a good chance it will become a million dollar business. Most people don’t treat their business seriously because they have nothing to lose financially by not building it.

# 5 Attend an event every three to four months.Find a company event or generic network marketing, leadership, or entrepreneurship event you can attend every three to four months. This could be a regional event, a convention, a mastermind meeting, or anything else. Events are what fuel your business. I once heard that for every person you have at your company’s convention your business will grow by 100 people the upcoming year. I’m not sure if that is true or not, but I think it’s pretty accurate.

# 6 Don’t underestimate the value of a business that makes even $200 per month in residual income. In today’s world you would have to have $200,000 in the bank earning 1% interest to make that same amount of money! Most people will never save that much money in their lifetime, but anyone can build up a $200 monthly residual income in a year or less with their MLM Company.

# 7 I asked a top earner in another company what his biggest mistake was. He told me “without a doubt it’s working with the wrong people.” He added that if he had to do it all over again he would only spend time with people who took action and did the work. He would work with people who deserved his time, not the people who needed his time. You can’t drag anyone across the finish line or make them successful.

Final Thoughts

I hope these 7 training tips will help you grow your network marketing business and achieve the results you want and deserve.  What is your favorite tip on this list? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.  

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Chuck Holmes is a wild and crazy guy. He lives in Florida with his wife, Rachel. He is a top recruiter and producer in the industry. Learn more about his opportunity

This article was published on 02.09.2018 by Chuck Holmes
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