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Take Action On The Things You Desire

How much do you want to accomplish?

It can be as exciting as changing a new job, or as challenging as starting a new business or determined as pursuing some other life aspirations.

But, rest assured, that nothing will happen unless you take the necessary action towards what you desire.   Procrastination is a monster that keeps us comfy in "non-action-ville"  Here are five tips to help get you into action:

1.  Do No Think On It Too Much

When you plan--and plans are good, don't over think your plans.  There are no perfect plans.  Have a plan and take action.  Waiting on a perfect moment to take action will delay your desires more.  Don't overthink your plans.

2.  Be Flexible

Your goals should have some results when completed.  Don't be so engrossed in your results.  Ensure that you are involved in the entire activation process.  Not focusing on the result, you may miss some valuable information or opportunities in the method that could determine your outcome.

3.  What Distracts You?

I have courses I need to complete.  But hours later after being distracted by the unproductive side of life, I still have classes to finish.   Stay on track.  Refocus!  If distractions have that much sway into my life, maybe my goals are not necessary.  Re-focus!

4.  You Will Never Be Perfect

Let's say that one more time.   If you need to take action on a task, take action--there is never a "perfect time"  I have taken a course on creating FB Live videos. And even to this moment, I am blocked because the lighting is not tight, what color shirt to wear, etc., etc.   So stop it--The timing will never be perfect.  Just take action.

5.  Your Purpose

I have read that "if there is something that provides you purpose, the motivation to do that thing will be a sinch."   The bottom line is, if something excites you, you'll have a passion for taking action.

If you like this post and you are a person that is about taking action, send me a message via inbox.  I read every message personally.

This article was published on 24.01.2019 by Mark A. Thomas
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