Financial freedom

I have an amazing opportunity for a second income! 

We have 10 products, the main 3 are super fat burners - a coffee, juice & hot chocolate - You take one a day and they help block appetite to stop snacking and control portion size! The products literally sell themselves as so many people would love to lose weight & by just 1 drink a day it's so easy! The retail profit you can make on these is amazing and instant, making up to £430 in the first 7 days of becoming a full representative 

These products are in demand as they appeal to everyone & are so easy to sell compared to beauty products, You want something that is easy to sell!! 

Weightloss is 100% the industry to be in, especially when the products are 100% natural & new so therefore unheard of which gives you the upper hand when it comes to selling them & promoting them easily. 

You are basically using social media to promote these! I would send you everything you need! We use social media daily so it just makes sense to get paid for using it!

How many times a day to you find yourself scrolling through Facebook Instagram etc? Why not use that time to make money

We also have another 6 ways of earning! so for example if you sign someone up you could earn up to £180 just for signing them up as well as earning a percentage off what they sell and so on

You then have shared bonuses etc! Basically if you build a team of sales people you can get paid every single Friday & this can be an extra 3-4 figures! ( I can show you proof) My up-lines are earning £10,000 to £20,000 every month 

This has allowed me to stop working full time, get my dream car house etc! I am so grateful! I have also hit a promotion which meant I qualified for the car plan so the company now pay for my car each month It's incredible

We have holiday incentives, cash incentives etc! You can make some serious money!! 

There are 2 ways of joining,

1-pre enrol for free, collect orders, then become a full member


2-pre enrol , lock in your position within 7 days by fully joining which is £15/$20 and a pack of your choice (start earning straight away)


It won’t cost you a penny

Join for free

This article was published on 28.05.2019 by Yvonne Wilson
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Valentus - Weight management, Free to join

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