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After having years of bad health related to my body being in an auto immune state and modern medicine having absolutely no answers to my ever growing  list of problems, I decided to only go the natural route and always had the strong belief that the body could heal itself from anything if it was given the key ingredients.

From trying detox smoothies to all the different supplements out there, I could never achieve consistent results.  My luck turned in 2017 when a quick trip to a naturopath alerted me to exactly what was causing my issues, while at the same time I met a great friend of mine called Kartik who had suffered similar problems to myself all throughout his teenage years and early adulthood.  He showed me the company called Usana and their unique life changing, health regaining products and the rest is history.  

I quite quickly regained my health and now have optimal health daily, re - invigurated enthusiasm for life and my entrepenaurial side has kicked into over drive and I want to share this business and amazing products with anyone and everyone who's interested. I'm also working on some other health minded businesses and have seen first hand the amazing ability of the body to correct itself and heal.

The products and results from the products speak for themselves, it's not hard to sell what works and who out there doesn't want to be healthy. The health and wellness market is only getting bigger and will continue to grow as the most advanced unique products continue to flood the market.  Usana is at the top of the leaderboard when it comes to this and it passes the most strictest of standards during the manufacturing process.  

This business is for everyone, we use simple fun systems to show and teach people how to network, spread the word and gain personal growth and development. Nothing is more enjoyable than learning to be a health educator and working within a like minded team of people who have all been touched by Usana in some way and it's benefited themselves or friends and family for the better.

Peace and good health to you all and looking forward to hearing from my fellow entrepeneur's  ;-)


:-)  Website:  Check it out                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

;-) Video about the science :  Check out the amazing, flagship product


This article was published on 31.03.2019 by Frank Mc Gorry
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USANA - Health / nutrition, 200 USD to join

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Frank Mc Gorry Anything that gets to the route cause of disease ( cellular deficiencies and toxicity ) is the key foundation of health and Usana’s unique products are designed to do exactly that   1 year ago

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