Let Me Put You On Game Real Quick. Share A Sale. What Do You Know About It?

Let's talk about Affiliate Marketing. 

A few years ago I started working from home as an actual employee; servicing customers for many different clients. I did that for a while but it just wasn't cutting it. I quickly came across affiliate marketing and decided to give it a try. I tried many different companies, many different products, made purchases to test these products, built a website to house these links etc. I did the whole yard; so I thought. To no avail; I made not one cent. Not even a penny.  I pretty said goodbye to affiliate marketing and shut the virtual door on anyone who was recruiting and/or advertising for one. I was sick of them and I did not want to hear about any more affiliate marketing ANYTHING.

I started focusing on building my own company; Uniquely Created. I had began helping close friends and family members establish small business. They started referring their friends and before you know it; I had a nice little business going for myself. Fast forward to now; my job title has now changed from Virtual Assistant to OBM(online business manager), I've created e-courses to share some of my knowledge obtained over the years and like any other product; it had to be marketed. 

That's how I came across Share A Sale. I created my e-course through a site that only allowed me to offer my course to affiliate marketers IF I signed up for additional program that really would not have been beneficial for my business at all. It would be a useless investment. Or lack thereof. So I kept on searching and came across Share A Sale. If approved this site would allow me to sign up as a merchant and have affiliates market my product; but something else interested me. There was also the affiliate gateway; access to thousands of companies looking and waiting to pay people to market their products and/or services. 

Without hesitation I signed up as an affiliate and was approved. The fun has just started. Low and behold; the company that was hosting my ecourse; was using THIS site to find affiliates. lol.......I had just struck affiliate marketing GOLD.  My affiliate account was approved and I was able to start applying to merchants, another merchant stood out to me because I was already using this "vendor" in one of my client's e-commmerce shops. At that moment I realized; If you could build your own website and get approved for Share A Sale; the possibilities are endless in reference to affiliate marketing. The key is finding something you are passionate about. Something that if asked about by a potential client; you can give the run down like a rehearsed speech. These products sell themselves and I simply guide them with proper placement. If only I could have learned about this site a few years ago; I would have not given up on affiliate marketing; and I may have been a millionaire by now. 

I'm on my way. If you want in, click the link below. There is training provided and all types of other great resources. 


Just an OBM sharing some easy money making tips ;) Stick with it and remain disciplined. You will make what you invest and TIME is indeed; MONEY! 

This article was published on 25.05.2019 by Nicole Mason
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Share A Sale - Affiliate Marketing, Free to join

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