Opportunity more important than Product.....

If you are pushing and pushing your PRODUCT and not getting results it is probably because you are focusing on the wrong feature....

You can push hamburgers day and night to a vegetarian and they will resist you.....

Imagine how easy it would be to catch a fish in a loaded Pond!.....In marketing target and build relationships with people that have demonstrated an interest in your Product.....we just want to expose the OPPORTUNITY to a targeted, hungry, interested audience with a product that people want and need.  Smart business people pick up and get the scent for something that will work...

Opportunity shows people the BENEFITS of your offer....how easy it is to use or market?.....is the Sponsor willing to train and mentor you?....can the comp plan give you the lifestyle you want?....

It has a ripple effect...when your teammates see how you are able to do it  and that you do not leaving them to fend for themselves as many do they will not be frustrated and will succeed!

People see a million ads, Posts, videos  etc for all kinds of nutritional, vitamin, skin etc products...to them they look the same..but the OPPORTUNITY  helps them IMAGINE doing it, growing, makes it real, building the fife they and we so  desire!

* I searched around for a long time too ...mailed silver coins to prospects (uggghhh)..endlessly Posted\called\emailed ...did all the things the "gurus" preach ...nothing....

Then I found this  SYSTEM with a product that 58 Million people will purchase THIS YEAR because they WANT and need it not because we bombarded them until them just shut us off .....will you be someone who sees the Opportunity and takes ACTION?

You want to use leveraging in business so that your business works for you ...not the other way around!

** Want to know what it is?

*  Watch a 3 minute video here:   https://my.rapidfunnel.com/res/5489/83189/[contactId]?source=web

* Email me @  Jamesiep1@gmail.com   with subject :  "I want to succeed" to  discover it....

or call me  434  294  4557


This article was published on 21.01.2019 by James Pateras
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Jaye Carden Very good point made in this business announcement James. Or do you go by Jim?  11 months ago

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