Crypto Rich???

This little crypto trading mobile app is changing lives!

For $10/month ($120 for the year)...

NO recruiting necessary!

NO trading skills required!

NO Laptop needed!

100% of the users make money

100% TRUE passive income

Set it and forget it

Makes money 24/7 (Never stops)

100% control of your funds 100% of the time!

Earn generous rewards for sharing, which can be used to supercharge your trading portfolio

All you need is a smartphone and crypto, that's it

Activate The Royal Bot Today!

The Royal Bot offers a quantitative trading system that takes just one click to get started! Take advantage of automated smart trading with real-time monitoring in the palm of your hand. Generate profits automatically through a high frequency robot, even if you don’t have any trading experience. Ongoing income is guaranteed by real-time monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Royal Bot Team combines unparalleled industry expertise & proven record in finance and development.

The artificial intelligence algorithm provides smart tracking of trades, powerful data analysis, and execution of corresponding operation strategies.

The system runs 24/7, ensuring continuous and consistent results.

The system adapts to different market conditions in real-time, utilizing endless trading styles. It will take you safely – and profitably – through the bulls and bears of the market.

Start earning automatically with The Royal Bot, no trading knowledge required! The App offers:

User friendly interface.

Built-in user guide & video tutorials.

Access to professional traders and copy-trading mechanism.

Works on Android & iOS.

STEP 1 - Register

Register The Royal Bot at the website.

STEP 2 - Download the App

Download The Royal Bot App and log in.

STEP 3 - Register on Binance/Huobi

Register on Binance or Huobi by following the instructions on the site, log in and do your account's verification.


Buy USDT from Binance/Huobi and deposit it in your Wallet (depends on how much you'd like to trade with).

STEP 5 - 120 USDT

The Royal Bot charges 120 USDT for the annual membership, and we recommend another 20 for the prepaid fuel rate. (Gas Fees)

STEP 5.1 - How to deposit

Open The Royal Bot App; Press "Assets"; Press "Deposit"; Copy the link.

STEP 5.2 - How to deposit

Open the Binance App; Go to "Wallet"; Go to "Spot"; Press "USDT"; Press "Withdraw"; Paste the address that was copied before; Enter the amount (minimum is 120); Make sure the network name is TRC20.

STEP 6 - Activate The Royal Bot 

Open the The Royal Bot app; Click on "Activate"; Confirm who your advisor is; (Me Bryan Ellis)Then click on "activation annual fee", accept the terms and click on "activate".

STEP 7 - Create an API

Open Binance; Press "More"; Press "API Management"; Create an API (put any name); Press the arrow and screenshot the QR code; Check the "Enable Spot & margin Trading" box.

STEP 8 - Binding

Open The Royal Bot App; Press "API Binding"; Select Binance; Press the square on API Key; Choose the QR code on your gallery; Enter the verification code and agree to the terms.

STEP 9 - Start earning!

You can start by choosing 3-5 cryptos. Continue to monitor your Royal Bot App to ensure that the fuel fee amount is always above 10 USDT.

Activate The Royal Bot Today!

This article was published on 29.10.2021 by Bryan Ellis
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The Royal Bot - Crypto Currency, 120 USD to join

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