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Risk is in fact a valuable process

Most people actually choose a way of life that is based on habit and conformity. People go through life not really exploring how they can evolve spiritually, mentally, physically and as a by-product of all these; in business.

A person's individuality is overshadowed by the mass culture of a lifestyle that is telling people how they shall live and how they shall think. We deny visiting those areas in our brain that are producing ideas, that must be active in order to fully live our human experience. We mostly even refuse to think about the inside and outside happenings and that process could solve many of our challenges.

The only way for us to realize who we are and what we want from life is to find the courage to get to the point where we reveal(through a personal and collective process) to ourselves what lies within us and how we externalize this core value. Risk is not lack of thought. I define it as the opposite. It is the power of choosing your personal satisfaction under those circumstances in which others choose insanity. Simply put in bullets:

  • You choose change instead of stagnation.
  • You set the standards of your reality. That way, the decisions for action are the product of your own personal thought process and based on your values.
  • You develop a better understanding of yourself in this process and that helps to form your strong personality.
  • You seek excellence and the best. The results from any new venture, be they positive or negative, will bring you to a constant evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses pushing you to your boundaries and that is a creative way of living.

All limits we set on ourselves are just imaginary designed to keep us away from our true potential and from walking on our own path. Risk is in fact our friend, helping us put the one foot in front of the other in the process of walking through life. You really do not need extra invitation to do it....

Either in business or in everyday life find your strengths and apply them. In this process it is inevitable that you will find also your weaknesses and that is valuable too; now you know what needs fixing. Living a life of conformity is no fun at all and it is of no use to us as humans. So just risk it!

This article was published on 23.01.2016 by Milos Pavlicevic
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