An Opportunity you dont wanna pass up and pros of world ventures

So let me start off by saying im a terrible sales person. every job ive ever done with sales ive done horrible at so this is not what world ventures is about. I like that they believe in the invite instead of trying to thrown some greasy sales pitch to everyone and getting a 80% fail rate. We literally tell people from the jump that its just and invite to travel the world and make some extra money of you're open to it. If you don't join thats fine and if you do we will help you build your business every step of the way until you reach the goal you want to get to, we're looking for you if you're looking for us and if you're a hardcore skeptic then we're not looking for you. Alot of people think this opportunity is to good to be true and although i can see why they would think that it's not. People often stay stuck in there old ways and don't realize  that industries change and entrepreneurs will always be coming up with the next best thing in every industry. First we had myspace and then facebook took over the social media industry, we had regular taxis and then uber and lyft came and took over the taxi industry, before we could just take photos on our phone and then instagram and snapchat took over the industry. World ventures is the next big thing in the travel industry whether you believe it or not.. travel is a 700 trillion dollar industry and will always be in demand as long as theres civilization on earth. This year alone we have 11,000 dreamtrips all around the globe and next year that number will double if not more. we also have a program called the voluntourism program where you go to a 3rd world country such as Africa or Guatemala and give back...we've built over 100 schools in Guatemala alone. We primarily are looking for people who wanna enjoy life more and take more vacations, the business side is completely optional because not everyone has the right mindset and determination to do network marketing. I would highly recommend checking out what world ventures is all about by going to and clicking 2. play the video but allow it to buffer a little bit before hand. if you do decided to sign up you can message me on social media message me on here if you are wanting to get started .Whether it be the travel side, the business side, or both you will be welcomed with open arms.

This article was published on 12.09.2016 by Deontae Word
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