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READY NETWORK a home based business in the Preparedness Market. With the world in such growing turmoil, preparedness is one of the fastest growing business segments in the world, and there are 43 million campers in the US. 

We offer a complete line of survival and camping gear, long shelf life non GMO food that is organic when ever possible and enriched with vitamins and minerals. We offer water purification devices and drops that will remove chemicals, heavy metals and drugs found in our water supply, solar products including powerful solar generators which have unlimited applications, and an amazing Cafe Utopia Survival Coffee which is infused with adaptagens and nootropics which provide stress relief, mental clarity, energy, sound sleep, it relieves pain causing inflammation, and it effectively promotes weight loss. We also sell precious metal (gold and silver) at wholesale prices to members, and at discounted prices to your customers. We are adding other incredible game changeing products all of the time.

What is unique about READY NETWORK is that we manufacture all of our products and we sell them for less than you can obtain them elsewhere. For example: If you were trying to replicate our Elite Ready Pack which is the most complete "bug out bag" available anywhere, you would pay between $1,200 to $1,500 or more. Our retail price on your replicated web site is $799, or only $499 if someone goes to your site and becomes a Ready Partner. Another example will be our solar generators which will sell for 30-40% less than anywhere else. Purchase a product or products under one of our JOIN options and you get all of your web sites for free.

Our CAFE UTOPIA SURVIVAL COFFEE is amazing. The coffee is a delivery system for some very effective neutricuticals. The testimonials that are coming in every day are extraordinary. You can visit my facebook page: to see some of the recent posts from consumers. There are 100 million people who drink coffee daily! And most coffee drinkers have some stress, lack of energy and focus, sleeping problems, joint pain, excess body weight or one of the many things that CAFE UTOPIA can help. 

There is an amazing business opportunity associated with this company and during our Beta stage which is coming to a close soon, new Ready Partners will have Founder's status at NO COST. FOUNDING READY PARTNERS will share in 1% of the gross commissionable volume for the whole company regardless of their own performance with 499 other Founders. The bonus is paid quarterly forever, and it can be passed on or sold with your business.

This is a noble business with great rewards for helping people become prepared with products and training that someday may save their life or lives of others. There is no other company anywhere in the world that is doing what we are doing and you can be in front of this exciting and fun business as a Founder if you act fast.

You will have your own web site customized with your picture, message and contact information. You will also get a networking site for building a down line, a PREP STORE site which is your Global e-commerce store, a forum page, and a READY COINS site for you to purchase gold and silver at cost. That is the mints "above spot price". Your precious metal purchases are not a profit center for the company.  

Any one part of our product lines is a network marketing business in and of itself. You get them all. And any one of the product lines could reach a billion dollars in sales in a short time. Soon READY NETWORK will be going to full launch mode and you will be seeing us on all of the social media, many leading, networking, business, prepper, outdoor and other print media and prepper blogs. All sales and enrollments derived from this company outreach will be placed directly under active Ready Partners who will recieve credit for the sales and enrollments just as though they had made the sales themselves.

There could not be a better time or better opportunity in the network marketing industry than READY NETWORK. Visit my site below and click on Products and Opportunity. Please feel free to call me with questions or for more detail on this exciting new game changeing network marketing business.

Mike Huey

Master Distributor

Ready Network/Prep Store

561 906-2114

This article was published on 20.06.2017 by Mike Huey
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Ready Network - Survival products , Free to join

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