Why is Everyone Making MLM So Complex, When It SHOULD Be So Simple?

*If you don't want to read everything below, my general message is that network marketing could be VERY simple if we all just got out of our own way and promoted our business model in this simplified way: Sign up, invest in products, invest in leads, tell leads to do the exact same thing you just did. Boom, done.*

I started my network marketing business through Amway in June of 2006. It was Quixtar at the time. But a few months after I signed up, I started to see very clearly just how simple (but not necessarily easy, for many reasons) the multilevel marketing business model is. And with the way the Internet and technology have progressed since that time, things should be even more simple and automated, at least in theory. But it seems that everyone I come across, both online and offline, is making things WAY too complicated and complex, for no good reason. All it's doing is slowing everyone down, and hurting the growth of the industry overall.

I've seen one-hour business presentations in person with a business concept that could be described in 30 seconds. I understand it's important to build the dream and set the stage, but come on now. On the other hand, I've seen online presentations that take visitors through a "funnel" or on some long buying journey. It's a miracle that people stick around long enough to actually convert at the end of a process like this. And to make matters worse, savvy people will take a look at a lengthy, complex sales process like this, whether it's online or offline, and realize that the average person is not going to want to do the same thing to set all this up, and that it's not a duplicatable business model. 

Why are we all collectively doing this to ourselves? Isn't there a better, easier way? The answer is right in front of your face, but you probably think that it can't be that simple...

There are many different types of MLMs, with different compensation plan structures and different products, but at the end of the day, all of our opportunities are basically the same thing. You make money for selling products, and more importantly (and much more lucratively) you make money for sponsoring people into your business who buy and sell products. With that in mind, why not just do the following, and simplify things so that anyone can succeed, rather than limiting success to a few charismatic leaders offline or a handful of Internet marketing gurus online?

Find a good source of leads, whether it be MLM Gateway or generating your own leads through Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Microsoft Advertising (Formerly Bing Ads), or any other pay per click platform (Google Ads is a tough one to crack for the MLM industry). Now just promote your business opportunity to these incoming leads as the simple system that it is. Tell your prospects to simply sign up, buy products, and invest in getting leads through whatever your preferred method of lead generation is. For this example, let's say you're using this website, MLM Gateway, to generate leads. Simply promote the simple process of registering, buying products, and investing in lead generation through this website. That's it. 

At this point, all success comes down to is not in-depth knowledge or intense effort or having the attitude of a winner or a mindset of a champion. No. It all boils down to an investment. If you have money, you can make money. It's as simple as that. Follow instructions, follow the process, spend your money, make money. Anyone with some money to spend should be able to follow this plan and become profitable in their network marketing business. Why make things any more complicated than that?

So with that in mind, if you're looking for a stable company that's not going away any time soon, with a good compensation plan and an extremely simple business model that anyone can follow (that's the key if you want to build a big team), then look no further than one of the biggest, oldest companies in the industry, with great products and a money-back guarantee, Amway.

I don't promote any of the extra stuff that slows people down rather than helps them. I don't promote things that make it more difficult for the average person to succeed. Simply sign up for $62, purchase everyday products each month that you were likely buying in local stores or online shops anyway, and then tell other people to do the exact same thing through a platform just like the one you're on right now. 

There's no need to complicate this with extra training and motivation, or sales funnels, SEO, and content marketing. Simply invest in products, and invest in leads. THAT'S IT. If you can spend money on these things, you can succeed. 

Sign up below, and get ready for a refreshing approach to this industry. We don't need to get on hour-long calls or webinars or go to meetings or do anything else really. You can call me or email me if you'd like, but I really just explained the entire business plan to you above, in one sentence. 

By the way, this strategy should apply to basically any MLM opportunity, so if you don't want to join Amway, try promoting your own business this way. I want this industry to take off in the next year the way it SHOULD HAVE since the Internet became the powerhouse that it is, and I want it to happen in the next year. I want everyone in every MLM company to experience tremendous growth. 

But if you are looking to try something new, start over, experience a wide range of quality products, or just join an upline who really cares about you MAKING MONEY and not a bunch of other useless b.s., then join my team and start your Amway business now:


This article was published on 26.09.2019 by Jeffrey Mirro
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Amway - nutrition, beauty, 62 USD to join

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