How To Attract People To You That Will Want To Join Your Business


Can it be possible?

Can you attract people so they see you, and want to join your business?

Truth is, this is very possible and it isn't actually very hard to figure out.

Let's take a look at how I, and even you, can attract people to your business even if YOU ARE BRAND NEW!

A Vision

First you need a vision.

A vision of where your business is going.

A vision is the first step in getting people to become attracted to your business.

Of course you need to share the vision, either directly or indirectly.

But you will just jump through hoops if you have not created a clear vision.

Lead By Example

Next step is to lead by example.

Who do you want as your upline? Would you want you?

You need to be making calls, writing content, working the systems and prospecting hard core.

People will see this, including your first enrollment.

People will want to join people they see are making calls and getting things done.

You will get a lot of rejection, but you just keep going.

People on your team will be inspired by your hard work and will want to duplicate it.

Set A Schedule

Believe it or not, having a schedule will help you to get people to join you.

If you are setting a few hours a day to make calls to prospects, follow ups, and working online with content and such, you will not only begin seeing people join you, but they also begin to come to you.

Direct contact with prospects is the key to get moving. This is how you find your first team member.

Creating online content in several ways is how you attract people, including leaders.

EXAMPLE: My first signup ever in my career was a lady who just assumed I was successful because I called her out of the blue. Many people will want to join you when they get a call from you, even if it's cold.

Writing and sharing my results with my signups gets me hard core network marketers. They read I a getting results so they either do one of two things, pitch me to join them, or want to be on my team.

Can you see how this works yet?

Be Aggressive

Become aggressive with making phone calls, generating leads, promoting your company.

You have to create huge numbers for success in this industry, that's where many fail.

They get a prospect or two who says "no" and they think it's not working for them.

Truth is, it is working for them. They've already got a few people out of the pipeline, so if they continue getting "no's" they eventually see the "yes".

Take massive action in whatever strategy you chose, and do not eve let up.

This is another way to influence your team members to do the same. Once you have just one person who will take it as serious as you, your money really begins to add up!

Need Prospects To Be Aggressive With?

The wisest way to get signups is to be aggressive with prospecting former network marketers and small business owners.

Any type of entrepreneurial mind is the right one for your business.

By using the MLM RECRUIT ON DEMAND system I am able to prospect up to 10 or more highly qualified prospects everyday I work it.

This is really the key to getting good team members.

All you need is a one time fee of $15 to use the system FOR LIFE.

Meaning, you will never have to buy leads again, and will have the highest quality prospect there is.

P.S Smart network marketers know that a secondary source of income is important. The MLM RECRUIT ON DEMAND system will provide you that source of income from those who join your team, and even those who are not open to joining yet.

This article was published on 13.06.2018 by Jaye Carden
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