Are leads needed to build your business?

The answer is of course yes. MLM is a people business. What actually is also needed is Your Enthusiasm on FIRE. Your belief in the Company, Products, and Opportunity. With my 28 years of MLM experience, I still Love to be in the MLM Industry and my Goal is to build a Life that I don't need a Vacation from.

However, it actually is not "your Believe" that is helping you, it is your "Knowing" that the Company gives you all the support and makes sure that their products are competitive if not much better than those available on the market, also price wise, which is often not so the case.

Knowing that it is a real opportunity where you can earn the income to achieve your goals after one year of work.

I have met people who are in the MLM business for years and still not making a living to be able to leave their job and be more with their family. I have seen people in the MLM business recruiting people and giving them the hope of earning money so they can just do that, while they themselves cannot do it. Still, they keep on hoping and believing instead of inspecting the opportunity and being alert.  It is a Natural Law that TIMING is all.

There is also another problem, called Loyalty. The question is to who are you loyal to? To the Company or to Yourself and to those you have recruited?

When I know that my car is giving me more problems than I want, I will change cars even if I have been driving it for years. Or do you think one should be loyal to that car even when the cost of repairing is giving problems to your budget?

How many people told you that you are just in the beginning, while the company is more than 10 years old or older? How many people have become frustrated with MLM? How many people have been buying lots of products to find out that it was not easy to sell and have been told "At least you can eat or use the products yourself" and have seen that those products in their cupboards are getting out off date?

How many people have observed Surfers at the beach waiting to see the Right Wave and when they see one they work hard to get to the right Momentum to have a great Ride?

You must have heard this before.

Would it be okay if I told you something?

I have some good news and bad news.
Most people know that Cannabis has extremely good health benefits, but sadly it is not legal everywhere yet.
The good news is that I have found a 100% Legal Way.
There is a company that works with DRUGFREE Cannabis products where you also have the possibility to get your product for free and even where you can earn money with it right in the beginning and I am not talking about Sales but about Commission earned, without all the Hype around it. It is because: Everybody knows that Cannabis is the biggest health trend in the world today and for years to come. We are living in the ending of the prohibition of Cannabis.

Would it be okay if I show you the Facts? So you can stop "Going on Hoping or Believing" and instead get to "Knowing".

I am looking forward to hearing from you and wish you success in whatever you are doing.

This article was published on 05.12.2018 by Pax Tielman
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