What Is Your Website Saying About You?

Do you have a successful website? What is a successful website you might ask? To determine if your website is successful just ask yourself this question, “Is my website accomplishing what I wanted it to do?”.

For some people a successful website might mean that you are exposing more people to see your product, service, or brand. To others a successful website means that you are getting more customers. Still to others a successful website means that you are getting your customer to take a certain action.

What is your vision for your site? What is the mission that you want to accomplish?

You have to decide what your vision is before you can build a successful site. Try to state your vision in one minute or less. Your vision statement can be as simple as “I want to help 4000 people earn $1000 before December of 2021.” Or your vision may be “to help build customer loyalty through giving away a certain app.”

What experience do you want your customer to experience while they are on your site? Are you trying to inform, to entertain, or just inspire?

When people are on your website, what do you want them to do? Do you want them to take a certain action, do you want them to buy your product, do you want them to share your site with others? Only you can determine which outcome that you would like to see.

It does not matter which outcome you would like to see happen but, you can’t accomplish your goal without a vision.

A successful website has at least four different parts. It has a home page, a product or services page, an about me page, and a terms of service page. Adding a blog and testimonial page will also be helpful.

Here some statistics. Twenty percent of your customers will use your website to know like and trust you. Your website can either motivate people to come back and interact with you or make them run away.

Almost 50% of people will use your website design to determine how credible you are. I’m sure now you can see why having a vision for your website is important.

More than 70% of your customers will come to know you through your blog. I’ll repeat that. Your blog is especially important because the majority of your customers will be introduced to you through your blog.

Believe this or not most people will look at reviews from other customers before they decide to buy. Hence, social proof is everything. What is your website saying about you?

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This article was published on 16.04.2021 by Myra Fields
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