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Ameriplan Offers Much Needed Health Benefits Alternative To Insurance

Hello, if you're an insurance or sales professional or an individual looking for the perfect product, you're in the right place at EXACTLY the right time. We're the company that markets the hottest health benefits package in America today and we have virtually no competition and it sells like hotcakes AND You don't need an insurance license.

What's the most wanted health benefit out there?

Of course, its an affordable health and dental plan. Did you know there are over 100 million Americans now, that are WALKING around WITHOUT health insurance due to outrageous costs or that have a VERY high deductible. in addition 7 out of 10 Americans do not have a dental plan and pay full price if and when they go to the dentist.

Our company has revolutionized the industry by making a fantastic health and dental plan available to all Americans - we do it all: health, dental, vision, prescriptions and chiropractic, plus Teledoctor services - all for only 39.95 per month, that's for the entire household, the plan sells like hotcakes and the referrals you'll generate are un-believeable.

We also have the hottest leads out there and our automatic lead generation system can have your phone light up like a Christmas tree. There is no cold-calling, no chasing friends or family, and this is not door to door or outbound sales, you WILL NOT be pounding the pavement with us! Our system will generate leads by the boatload who are interested and calling you directly. Our commissions are 100% up front and 25% recurring plus bonuses, our residuals are 2nd to none and you can build yourself a wonderful 6 figure walk-away residual income with us very quickly, we also have HUGE management overrides and bonuses, TRULY a sales pros dream!!!

We're about host a live tele-conference launch for your city, it is coming up immediately tonight at 8pm eastern, it is invitation only, we must have you at the end of this message make your reservation in order to GET ON THE LIVE CALL.

Please grab your pen and paper I'm going to go ahead give you the conference call number please write it down and that number is 302-202-1115 ext 55649431# again 302-202-1115 ext 55649431#

You'll want to consult your Timezone so you make sure you are in EXACTLY the right place at EXACTLY the right time. That would be 8pm EST, 7pm Central, 6pm MST and 5pm Pacific, now you want to also make sure that you join us at least 2 minutes before we start because we WILL start at the top of the hour and you don't want to miss a thing..

Now after the beep in order for you to get on the call, we must have you on the invitation list, so after the beep we're going to need your complete name, area code and phone number, and city you're calling from; please speak slowly and clearly and leave that information twice, this is Jason Coleman I am VERY much looking forward to having you on the call tonight, and showing you how to take your sales talent to the VERY TOP with us. Leave that information after the beep, we'll talk to you tonight, have a super day!

This article was published on 15.09.2023 by Jason Coleman
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Ameriplan - Health Benefits, 39.95 USD to join
A Fantastic health and dental plan available to all Americans - we do it all: health, dental, vision, prescriptions and chiropractic, plus teledoctor services - all for only 39.95 per month, thats for the entire household!

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