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How can you insure that your team members will have success in your opportunity?

A question many people have asked themselves before how can I make sure I am not wasting my time and money with the opportunity that I am working, how can I be sure that not only will I get my investment back but also insure that the people I bring into the business will get theirs back as well and thus create a higher retention rate than what the average in network marketing is, presently at 15-20% depending on company and study figures.

How many people have you seen join a company and then leave, how many have done the same with you and then you yourself move on because you think it is maybe not the right company or the leadership above you is not helping you enough.

Even though the solution is simple it is also hard to accept, to get more people to stick around and help you build your organization below you, you have to listen to them, believe in them and motivate them, this all starts with you. You have to become the sponsor you wished you had when you started, the sponsor that takes their hand and helps them make a profit in the beginning.

Many Leaders within the industry are going to tell you take out your handy and call the first 20 people you think of who could profit from your business this in itself is a mistake, why because a new person within any company doesn’t know enough about the company to make an informed call, 20 years ago people believed that your family and or friends would want you to share a great opportunity with them, this was true 20 years ago, today however they think just because it is a good opportunity for you why is it going to be one for me, or MLM seriously everyone knows that is a scam, they turn off the new person in the industry before the person even has the chance to get started.

Today you have to teach your team members how to attract the right people, then how to get those people on the other end of the telephone interested in what you are doing and not interested in the hype of a quick money making business, the retention rate will increase when your new people are making money short term with a long term mindset, you need to get people away from wanting to join a team that shows them how to make money quickly and moving on to the next best thing, you want them to see that they can constantly even when they are not actively working it 24/7/365 in the industry this is only possible if you build with long term planning and wanting to keep your teams overall retention rate high.

So how can you do this, by joining people who know how it works, people who have a retention rate of over 50%, people that have helped others build teams with a long term mentality which allows all involved to profit, a team that knows the more they help others the more they are helping themselves. Are you ready to find just such a team? Contact me.

This article was published on 07.05.2016 by Max Zimmermann
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Hans Dieter I'm interested in joining your team. I'm from Germany, too.  8 years ago
Stavros Gabriilidis goooooooooobabys!!!!!!!!!!!!!1  8 years ago

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