The interne t is booming with several pyramid schemes that is geared towards helping people reach their financial goals. Such as the MLM network marketing, Hybrids schemes, crowdfunding, Affiliate marketing etc.

Many are drawn to money making schemes that enables them to invest their money, wait for the money to grow with interest while, they sit back and watch. One wonders if money truly grows on trees.

One day l called out to my Friend Paulin, who we both got out of school together, and searching for the biggest job to land on lap. and l said if, only l can wake up one morning, look under my bed and here l am with every dollar that l need to start my dream project as a Mechanical Engineer.

Paulin my friend laughed, and said that can only come as a miracle from God, most especially when He needs you for a special assignment like in the days of Moses.

We continued in the conversation, and we talked about the internet pyramids and decided to search for something real.

The search began, and we stumble into several get rich quick programs and products that made less meaning to us.

The are several products that will drag your attention away from the real thing, and if you are very desperate for the get rich quick schemes are out there to give you the initial dosage for a start.

My friend and l came across crowd funding and felt that we have found the way out – the general crowd funding actual works, but you must have a good proposal to present to the funders, this means letting your cat out of the bag, anyone in the program can view it and choose to imagine and visualized and even copy right the idea.

Just beating round the niche doesn’t work very much with crowdfunding, the funders most be convinced and believe in you. With the challenges of hitting it right away with crowd funding, we stumbled into member to member crowd funding and it was a unique experience.

Member to member crowdfunding is one of the easiest way to raise money for any project. All that is required, is invite people to join you, (2 by 2 matrix), build a team, and as team upgrade to the next level, and begin the recycling again if you choose.

Peter Wolfing - created the Ultimate Cycler a program that has helped many raise money for their dream project.

If you want to find out more about the ultimate Cycler click here:


Ultimate cycler is a unique program that enable anyone make money without selling anything, no bank charges, no borrowing with colleterial, with just the initial registration fee you are ready to earn a minimum of $15,900 in seven weeks for your project.

You don’t need to sell out your ideas, show case your plight to the world or plead to anyone for assistance, with Ultimate Cycler your world is in your palm.

No monthly registration, no expiration of r registration, – you can choose to circle once, take a break and resume whenever you want to.

Ultimate cycler is genuine, every testimony on the site is verifiable.

if you ever seek to raise money for any project, go to ultimate cycler and work as a team: http://www.ultimatecycler.com/ref/GRACEAR Atems Grace atemgra@gmail.com

This article was published on 10.02.2017 by Grace Atemie
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