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Are You All In?

Hey there. What's up?

It's a beautiful day here in Reno. Our topic today is... Are You In?

The reason is that I've been going over some stuff and it occurred to me that a lot of people don't get this concept, and don't understand why they don't achieve things.

I was at this event one time in Florida, and I met this guy who happened to be the largest real estate developer in Costa Rica at the time. It was after the downturn in the economy.

He told me this story about how he had all these friends when he was living large and on top of the heap. But then when things turned south, he told me he lost something like 60 or 100 Million dollars. And I'm thinking, Oh hell, that's a lot of jack, I don't care who you are. And he was telling me about it.

He told me, "You know, in this life there's big ships and there are small ships, but the only ones that matter are the friend-ships."

And he told me how when he was down, he didn't have any money. He called people and nobody really wanted to hear from him. They just weren't around. When he got back on top, they started coming back around.

He told them, "You know, you weren't there when I had nothing, but you always seem to show up when you think I've got something that can benefit you. So I've got nothing for you." "And you know, some people got aggravated by that and some just went away. But he said, "That's the key".

During this conversation, I told him about me and my buddy were talking, saying, "Well, you're either all in or you're not in at all. Because if you're not all in, odds are, stuff isn't gonna work out for you."

He happened to agree with me. He said, "Yeah. If you're going to a gun fight, roll out with the shotgun, you know? No need to worry about the pistol." I thought that was pretty good.

That's the concept. Because I'm looking at this new business venture and of course it's got different ways you can get in and so on. But there's really only one way that'll work.

You can nickel and dime and dabble in stuff and you're going to get nickel and dime and dabble results. Where the guys that go all in, they hit the ground running. They do it like they mean it. Like they're going to make something happen, or they just don't bother. Because they know, in the end, how you start is generally how you finish.

So it's like if you have a kid, and they're going to go try something. You tell the kid, "Don't try it. Either go in there to do it or don't bother. Don't half-ass it. Don't be weak on your effort."

Just imagine you're on a mountain top or a cliff, and there's a chasm. There's a thousand-foot drop, but the gap is only three feet across. It's not a large gap. It's simple. You know you could just take a weak-ass step and get over it.

But with a thousand-foot drop at the bottom, aren't you going to get a running start and give it all you've got to get to the other side?

You don't want to THINK that you've got it and go a little bit. Because one false move and you're done for. Well, that's the way this stuff works.

So my advice for today, or my 2 cents or what I'm thinking about is, if you're going to go into something, go in like you mean it and get all in.

Because if you ain't all in, you ain't in at all.

I'll talk to you tomorrow. I'm out.

This article was published on 10.06.2019 by Dave Kotecki
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