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Launch of ONPASSIVE with many free products to help your businesses

OnPassive is a new kid on the block it’s been running for several years while in development but I’m extremely pleased to announce that we have launched. We have created an entire suite of digital products most of which we already use for our daily businesses but with a difference, from communication tools like a video conferencing tool, we all know that the previous major players in this market were expensive and not stable once you have numbers and those with poor bandwidths couldn’t have their video on, but what about a system that is a fraction of the cost sends bandwidth to those that need it, has already had in excess of 80,000 participants and is totally encrypted unlike all the others but the best of all it will shortly have an additional extra in the form of an auto translate into 57 different languages, just think of the market you could reach!!! There are more than 50 other products that will be released over the coming months from an E-learning platform that has distraction detection equipment, from email to social media and best of all a traffic source second to none, in the form of SPECIFIC TARGETED TRAFFIC, not this haphazard pay per click but someone specifically looking for what you have. All of these products are fully integrated with artificial intelligence and far superior to what you use right now but at a far lower price point. Now why would the company offer superior products at a much lower price point, well this is because our CEO is a man for humanity and wants to get away from the corruption that has intertwined itself around every single company who simply wish to make profit and not necessarily provide value for money. We have several products that are free to use so you can simply register for a new email and get to check out the products as they launch to see exactly how they can help your business thrive and grow, including an email system a new social media platform without the corruption and where free speech is still paramount but because you have to prove who you are you can’t have a fake account, you can’t trawl kids or cyber bully so its safe for your children, you can set up clubs and blogs and podcasts free of charge. Oh and if you want to earn commissions as well then all you do is click the button and sign a non-disclosure agreement and you’re in. Want to understand more then simply click the link below to get a free email for you to check out what else is available with many other free products to play with including a URL trimmer and customizer with analytics. The brief video explains the additional benefits of our new email,

And here is a link to register

This article was published on 17.05.2023 by Andy B
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ONPASSIVE - digital products , Free to join

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