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How To Save Money On Phone Services?

The question came up several times, why don't you have a cell phone  so I put this info together to explain my journey with the corporate phone companies  that make Billions

every year charging ridiculous phone rates .

About ten years ago i was paying forty-seven  dollars per month  for basic  landline phone service , plus another thirty -five dollars  per month for all the extras such as call display call answer call forwarding and three way calling. when you add the sales tax it all works out to

Ninety-two dollars and sixty-six cents  per month or  One thousand one hundred and eleven dollars and ninety-two cents per year , quite a bit of money for the convenience  of phone service  don't you think?

After doing a little research I was able to hook up digital phone service that runs on the internet for  the low cost of eleven dollars  and thirty cents tax included, or  one hundred and thirty five dollars and sixty cents for the year . Quite a difference hey? That's a savings of Nine hundred

and seventy-six dollars and thirty two cents per year, if you wanted to  kick it up a notch and develop a Five year plan it works out to  a savings of  Four thousand eight- hundred and eighty one dollars and sixty cents just for the savings on your basic land line service.

Now if you add a  basic cell phone service  at Fifty dollars per month that works out to six-hundred and seventy eight dollars per year including sales tax.  Total amount of money for basic phone service  works out to one thousand six hundred and fifty four dollars and thirty two cents  for one year, or Eight thousand two hundred  and seventy one dollars  and sixty  cents , quit a chunk of money hey?  Do you think you could find something to do  with Eight thousand  dollars every five years?  

Some of the questions I get asked when I tell people that I  am paying just over ten dollars per month for phone service is how clear is or is it reliable/  There are just two draw backs one if you lose your electric power you have no phone service , how often does that happen? It happened to me twice in  nine years  each time it happened my power was out for about ten or twenty minutes . The second draw back is if you lose your internet you have no phone service ,

that never happens and if it does is is for a very short time , the whole word runs on the internet now .

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This article was published on 11.10.2016 by William Lucas
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