3 Stages of A MLM/Home Based Business Owner.

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A few weeks ago I had a conversation with one of my MLM/Home Based Business Million  Dollar annual earner mentor, about the typical MLM/Home Based Business owner's career as they join this powerful industry and either quit, or move forward towards great success. 

As we conversed and I continued to shut-up, listen, learn and absorb everything possible, so that I too can become educated in this very profitable MLM/Home Based Business industry, I learned about the 3 Stages of a MLM/Home Based Business Owner. 

My mentor insisted that the first stage of the typical MLM/Home Based Busines owner is what  he will call a "Poser".

The Poser:

The Poser, according to my Mentor, is someone who will treat this industry as if it is a lottery ticket platform. The poser is just looking for the home run, hoping to get lucky without really putting out any effort, or learning anything. 

The second stage within the 3 stages of a MLM/Home Based Business owner, according to my mentor, is that of an amateur.

The Amateur:

In my mentor's opinion, the amateur focuses on four different things. 

1: The first thing is "Luck". Like getting real lucky and signing the monster member/affiliate who has all the contacts and credibility to build a huge group in record  time to make them rich. 

2: The second thing is "Timing". The amateur is always concerned about whether they got involved in the company at the right time. Or how many other leaders were already building their group in the local market. What about the competition? Was the company big enough? What about the timing with respect to the "Growth Curve" of the company? 

3: The third thing is "Positioning". The amateur is always concerned with whether they are in the right organization. Or whether they have the right sponsor, or the right position in  the group? 

4: The fourth thing is using "Short Cuts". According to my mentor, at this stage the amateur is always looking for a quick-fix angle. Like newspaper advertising, or dropping flyers in the mall, or door to door.

Then finally the third stage within the 3 stages of a MLM/Home Based Business owner,  according to my mentor, is to finally become a professional. 

We probable have all heard this saying: "If we want to earn a Professional Income, we must become a Professional with-in the industry we have chosen". 

And believe me, you. My mentor and every other professional in every other industry of which I know are confident that the above saying is all facts. 

As professionals with-in this industry there are basic skills which we all need to understand, learn and duplicate with-in our group, in order to build a long-term sustainable weekly/monthly residual income. 


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This article was published on 15.11.2016 by Victor Graham
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