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Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation

Are you using LinkedIn for lead generation? If you are then you are already on your way to making the most of the opportunities that this social networking site has to offer. And, it's ranked number one for lead generation among online marketers. It s also recognized as the top platform for generating leads in the business today. So, if you are looking for an effective way to increase your sales and build a strong clientele, then you should consider using LinkedIn for lead generation.

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There is one major mistake that most marketers make when using this network for marketing purposes, and that is funneling prospects into the sales funnel before they have established any interest in the product or service. It is a common mistake because marketers often confuse prospecting with lead generation. They do this by sending prospects email messages with a link to a sales page of the company, and then when that prospect buys something, the marketers receive a commission. This doesn't make much sense at all.

The problem with using LinkedIn for lead generation and traditional B2B sales funnel is that most marketers make it a habit to send emails to prospects using this technique. That is why many of these marketers fail each and every time they try to use a standard business leads process. In fact, this is such a critical mistake because qualified leads are what the company needs in order to grow its business. In fact, the company wants those qualified leads to convert into actual buyers.

The biggest issue with using this old process is that most marketers simply do not have the time to set up and maintain a quality email campaign. This means that the company loses out on a lot of money because it has to pay to hire an outside firm to do the work. At the same time, there are still some things that the email marketing manager should do. The following tips are great suggestions from a seasoned Internet marketing executive:

* Make sure that you take advantage of the ability to customize the message that you send from the main site. If you go the route of using the standard message that everyone is receiving, you might want to consider making changes to the titles, headlines, and the first sentence of the message to take advantage of the opportunity to personalize it. You can also try out something like, including a question mark ("Is This Your Mailing Address?")

* Keep track of the results of any paid or free ads that you are running using the LinkedIn for leads outreach campaigns. You might want to look into a special Google AdWords campaign that targets keywords and key phrases that are closely related to your business. This can help you see the types of traffic that are resulting from your ads, which can help you fine-tune your offline and online marketing efforts. This is another useful tool that will help you generate more qualified leads. Just be sure to test all of your ads using the Sales Navigator.

* In order to get the most out of your LinkedIn for leads campaigns you need to focus on using both methods of generating traffic. It's important for you to use a variety of online advertising strategies in addition to the inbound marketing efforts that you do with the inbound strategy. 

The idea behind using the two platforms is that you are trying to generate as many qualified leads as possible. On the internet, you get a lot of traffic, so you want to capitalize on that. On the flip side, when you are using a company like Sales Navigator, you are trying to qualify those leads to make sure that you are actually getting some value out of the investment that they have made by signing up with you. Both ways are effective, so you just need to find the one that works best for your business needs.

Overall, the social media world has definitely changed the way that many businesses can market their products and services. Using LinkedIn for lead generation may not be your first choice, but it is definitely something that you should consider if you are serious about generating quality leads. 

Social media gives you a great opportunity to promote yourself and your products to potential customers. It also gives you the ability to expand your reach and attract a larger audience to your website. All of these are important if you want to really see success with your business.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube

This article was published on 07.12.2020 by Richard Murphy
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