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Exchange paper money into gold money

The Correct way to "save money" - Exchange paper money into gold money, then save it. Thousands of people, all over the world, do the same thing each week. Each transaction (movement of money) creates transaction fees and profits that are shared with Affiliates. For more information go to:

Karatbars is an e-commerce business with an Affiliate option. This is NOT MLM structures. They pay a direct commission to only one person, like all direct sales businesses do.  The dual team is optional and pays a bonus override, not a % on various levels like MLM's do.  The bonus is based on total volume going through two teams of people, regardless of where they may be placed away from you in those teams... this is how it is has to be tracked have two or more sales people like ANY Sales Manager in any business in the world would, and as sales happen, you earn direct commissions if they are yours, plus a sales bonus (payout) every time the sales units (each product sold has a "unit" value attached to it) reach 50 in one team and 25 in the other you will cycle and a bonus is paid to you. You can cycle many times a day.  People make big money here; few do in MLM structures, even though they do work for some.  In this dual team structure there is no "breakage" or "flushing" and it pays to infinity, something no other similar model does.  Have you seen the new international gold money? There's 2 live webinars every day. Also amazing sizzles call like this one 1 216 301 2916.  I set people up with FREE gold accumulation plans. Gold is refined in a LBMA refinery & there are only 51 in the world. Not all forms of gold are created equal.

Karatbars International - K-Exchange Enroller - Exchange Dollars To Gold

As a referral reward affiliate, we are bringing to the world the First "Gold Savings Plan" allowing individuals of all income levels to participate in wealth protection...simply and effectively. Founding company, Karatbars International is a well respected, "World Standard" Marquis financial institution. Karatbars International is an LBMA stamped 999.9 Pure Gold, transaction friendly weights of 1, 2.5, and 5 grams expanding into new markets this year--already in over 110 countries. The Product has been evolving into a NEW Global Gold Currency.

Do you want to Acquire Gold?

There are 4 ways to do that...

1) Inherit It (is that you?)

2) Extract It from earth (is that you?)

3) Buy It out of your own pocket (most common- limited by your $)

4) Acquire It with a Dual System (set it up -generate it for FREE)

Karatbars International is looking for product consultants. Let me know if you know anyone who would be interested in working from home and working at their own pace. :-)

In 10 years, you’ll remember this day as THE DAY you heard about Karatbars Gold ™.  By then, it will be a household word like “Kleenex™”, “Band-Aid™”, Coke™ or Xerox.  Will you be looking back with the regret of an opportunity lost, or with the satisfaction of being a healthy Karatbars Gold ™ multi-millionaire?

  When I received an e-mail similar to this I went directly to the referenced web page, which is what I would ask you to do now.  Invitation Link:

This article was published on 25.09.2015 by Larry Claypool
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