Make money when other people watch sports on TV

Are you a sports fan?  Do you follow all of your favorite sports team’s games?  Then you may want to read this. 

As an NBA fan, I paid around $40/mo to watch every game of my favorite team. It’s a great deal as long as it doesn’t fall on 13 games that the game is not blacked out. You see, I have a basic cable package plus the NBA All Access Package but some of the games are shown on a channel that I’m not subscribed to. Then there are games where my team play at home and they are also blacked out delay televised. 

But now, I get all their games, even pre game and post game programs even though Spectrum Sportsnet is not covered by my cable provider!  

I also paid last year:

Major League Baseball Season Stream for $25/mo. 

NHL Game Center Pass on SELECT™ for $35/mo 

FOX Soccer Plus = $14.99/mo. 

UFC Fightpass is $9.99/mo

I wanted to watch the European and South American soccer games but couldn’t afford the cable provider’s premium sports package. There were other PPV shows that I couldn’t afford to get. 

Then I heard about this new global streaming tv service that covers over six thousand different channels from around the world. I can stream it from my iPhone or from my Apple TV. You can be a Dodger fan in New York and you can watch every Dodger game through Spectrum Sportsnet. You can watch La Liga soccer games on your iWatch from anywhere in the world where you have a wifi connection even from the Starbucks. 

Now, I get all these channels for $39/mo with iXQTV.  Try it free for a day  You’ll get all the channels  I’m sure that you will be happy to fire your cable provider for ripping you off all these years for holding your favorite Games as a random  

Take back your power and be in control of watching all your favorite sports

Try it free for a day. No credit card. No credit check nothing. 

I also get all the Premium Movie channels like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, ......  

I also get major tv channels from around the world so that you don’t have to get the ugly satellite dish to get global tv package for outrageous price  

You get all of it ... For $39 a month  No contract  Quit anytime if you want  

But you’ll miss out on saving hundreds of dollars every month. Why would you want to do that?

What if you tell your friends about how you save hundreds of dollars every month and get all your favorite tv channels for a fraction of what you were paying before; and they want to join iXQTV?  

Do iXQTV have an affiliate or resell program where you can get a cut every month from your friend’s subion?  

Yes, they have two different reseller programs that qualifies you on different levels of bonuses and commissions  

Try it out free, all the channels for a day. Check out the HD channels. Checkout all the movies.

Wouldn’t you want to watch all the favorite sports channels without blackouts?

Wouldn’t you want to save a boatload of money on your cable tv?

Wouldn’t you want to get paid when your buddies eagerly switch to iXQTV and enjoy all the benefits month after month?

Well, here is your chance to get in on your very own Global Streaming TV Business!

This article was published on 02.04.2019 by JC Hernandez
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iXQTV - 6000+ channels PPV sport - Global wifi TV bizop, 59 USD to join

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