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Hello. Friends.  Crowd funding is populer and easy way now a days for earn lot of money with little effort. And everyone can do this '.  And no fearing to lost our big amount.       So. Just.  Let's know '. How. Crowd funding. Works.    


Actually. Crowd funding. Works direct member to member donations.  And admin not touch our money at any rate.  Because. Every member send money to other users. In their wallets.   And receive also in own wallet. So no need to make any withdrawal request.   ''. 

I recommend to these  plans. 

ZARFUND. This is popular funding system going roarly worldwide with 20k members in just 10 or less days.   '. This system start with. Only 0.03btc. And good give a chance to earn 164btc per month.   Yes you can do this.    

 What to do.  ??  

 You have. To register here first.  →  Zarfund.  Then activate your account from email link. And now.    Upgrade your account with 0.03btc for level 1.  Now you can see your refferal link.  '. Keep in mind if you didn't upgrade within 50 hours then your account will close.    

Now. You need to make atleast. 2 refferals.  If you can't make then give your refferal link to your up line.       So. These 2 will give you. 0.03each.  Mean total 0.06btc.  Now. Upgrade for level 2. With 0.05btc and you receive. 0.2btc.     Then. Upgrade for level. 3 with 0.1btc. And you will receive.  0.8btc from 8 members of level 3.     

Now. Upgrade with 0.2btc for level 4 and receive. 3.2btc.    Next.   Upgrade with 1btc for level 5. And. Earn.  32 Btc.      In last.  You upgrade with. 2btc. And. Receive 128btc.     '.  Now.  Thats it.   You enjoy. 164 .

BITCOIN4U.   this new crowd funding working only 1 time upgrade with 0.02btc. And you can receive. 1000+  Btc.  And you need to. Make refferals. Sure for this.    ,    let's see what to do. 

Register. Here. BITCOIN4U.  

.go to dashboard    

.see upgrade.  ' 

You will see.  10 bitcoin address.   

Send 0.002btc to each.  And submit. Hash id.  And wait till payment confirm.  

Do same with each address.    

.now you can see your refferal link.  

.start. Promoting.    And receive.  0.002btc. From each member. Till. 8 level.  Yes.  8th level.   Enjoy.  More refferals. More. Bitcoins. Non stop.  For forever.  Earning.  More then.  2000

This article was published on 17.09.2016 by Gïrëêsh Shåûrýà
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