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Direct Selling Distributors required for USA manufactured products

After the successful business development in Philippines, Singapore, UAE, Taiwan, Hawaii, Brunei, Kuwait, Nigeria, Ghana and Pakistan, AIM Global is in need of Independent Distributors from all over the world to market World's top rated Food Supplement products made in USA. AIM Global also have range of cosmetic products for you to market. This is the best direct selling opportunity available till now.

Whether you are a doctor, a sales person of any kind, run a cosmetic shop, pharmacy, looking for part-time business, jobless or even looking for low or no investment business, this opportunity is for all of you.

There are 7 types of earning plans provided by the company.

Retailing: 25 - 50% discount for distributors on all products with no minimum buying limit. Distributors also earn product points on sales/purchase.

Direct Sponsoring Bonus: Earn commissions on every direct distributor you recruit.

Match Sales Bonus: People who will join you will be divided in two sales forces (Left and Right). Get bonus/commission on per match sales when there are 1200 points on left and 1200 points on right. Points may be accumulated through sponsoring, group sales or products reorders. Every fifth match will give you product voucher to purchase free products.

Uni-level Bonus: Get 10% of product sales value of your Direct sponsored sales and 5% of your Indirect sponsored sales up to 10th generation.

Stair-step System: Get bonus commissions on your group sales based on your ranking (Distributor (0%) / Silver Executive (10%) / Gold Executive (20% + 10%) / Global Ambassador (30% + 20% + 10%)

Royalty Bonus: Upon getting promoted as Global Ambassador, additional 2% bonus of group product sales by all Global Ambassadors in your group up to 5th generation will be paid.

(The great thing is that you can earn commissions from only your single leg (left or right). Balancing of binary system is simply not necessary)

Don't worry company is legal and fully registered in countries of its' operations.

Benefits provided by the company are as follows:

  1. Insurance 
  2. Scholarship for Child education 
  3. Business is transferable to your spouse of children any time 
  4. USA-Europe-Philippine tours 
  5. Marketing Plan for the distributors to work on 
  6. Bank ATM Card for Commission withdrawals

Company's achievements:

  1. The top Direct Selling Companies in the World 2016 
  2. The top Direct Selling Product 2016 
  3. The company's President is Top Direct Selling CEO 2016 


  1. Decade of outstanding Sales Nature's Way Award 2016 
  2. Decade of leadership Nature's Way Award 2016 
  3. Decade of Partnership Nature's Way Award 2016 
  4. Top Direct Selling Compensation Plan in the World 2015 
  5. Largest Humans Smiley Guinness World Record 2015 
  6. Most People Wearing Costume Masks Guinness World Record 2015 
  7. BIR Top Contributor of 2014 
  8. Best Company of the Year ANCE People Choice Award 2016 
  9. No. 1 Health Organic Coffee 
  10. No. 1 Neutra-ceutical Food Supplement and 7 more awards. 

Products Category:

  1. Neutra-ceutical 
  2. Phyto-Energizers 
  3. Omega Supreme 
  4. Coffee 
  5. Longevity Formula 
  6. Premium Chocolate Drink 
  7. Juices 
  8. Naturacential Beauty and Health Soap 
  9. Naturacential Toothpaste 
  10. Naturacential Face and Skin Wash for Ladies and Gents

For more information: Visit here.

This article was published on 13.10.2016 by K. S. Tasadduq
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