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What is Your Saving Account Doing For You?

Inflation reduces the value of a currency's purchasing power, having the effect of an increase in prices. ... Purchasing power affects every aspect of economics, from consumers buying goods to investors and stock prices to a country's economic prosperity...

To mitigate the sever economic impact, governments and central banks globally are printing and distributing extra money to prop up parts of the economy which can no longer function at pre-Covid capacity levels. In the UK alone, an estimated £123bn has already been plugged into the economy and there are estimates that Bank of England stimulus levels could peak at £1 trillion.

We have witnessed economic disruption before, across ongoing periods of hyperinflation in Venezuela and Zimbabwe more recently, and in Weimar Germany in the 1920s. While it is not helpful to draw comparisons across these countries’ or their respective banking systems, it is worth taking note of the value crypto offers in terms of being an alternative to unstable national currencies.

Cryptocurrency is an alternative method of inflation protection which should not be overlooked. Although previously appearing as counterintuitive due to perceived volatility, digital assets have held their own against the stock market, unlike other commodities such as oil. The value of oil has crashed due to vanishing demand and a resulting supply excess – causing the price to fall to negative value.

In contrast, digital assets have seen a different story. Without the worry of political interference and variable supply rates, cryptocurrencies can benefit from being a less vulnerable investment in times of crisis. We have seen that Bitcoin is still up 22 per cent from a year ago. Newer coins like Tezos are up around 30 per cent so far this year. Both digital currencies highlight that crypto volatility is potentially a sign of the past, especially when compared to the volatility in “traditional” asset markets....

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This article was published on 18.05.2022 by Morgan Geczi
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