Passive Income for 2017


I'm Martin Rand aka Murtpoiss

I wanted to tell you about the story behind my passive income list. So you would not have to go through the same bad mistakes that i did.

I have been learning computer science and coding for 8 years now and make living from fixing computers, building websites and coding.

I started in the summer of 2015 and at first i got a good quality investment opportunity form an old acquaintance of mine, but i thought that i should not put all my eggs in one basket. So, i dug up the internet first from forums that i knew about before. From those i got some bad info about these programs called HYIPs. At first i made my money back quick but the investments grew bigger and at some point my monthly profit was way down. This dragged me down and i dropped down to only one or two programs from the beginning. But i held my head up high and saw that the worse was behind me. Then i got into facebook affiliate marketing which grew a little bit to me and i'm still using it now and then. For a while i tried to recruit people with spamming or just making bulk posts to facebook groups that i had joined (of course without breaking any of the group rules, you don't want to get banned from any group for making posts that will get you nowhere). 

At the first or second quarter of 2016 i started to make researches for programs where i could call the office and even go there and meet with the directors or see the work being done behind online passive income. From the beginning of summer 2016 i have been collecting the best projects to my homepage. Of course i'll find some programs that my mind wonders to once and a while, but now i know what to look for in businesses that will not fail you.

After the summer of "hard" work, looking for decent online passive income opportunities, i started looking into trading and more sort of an active hobby to do. Because i was bored and my passive earning programs work for me anyway. So i'm still trading from time to time, but i got a feeling that this what i'm writing right now might not be just good for me but also good for you.

These are the programs to be in the next year for sure!


This article was published on 22.11.2016 by Murt Poiss
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