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Are you tired of trying to build a team, but the startup cost is sky high, or you enroll affiliates only to have them cancel 2 or 3 months later because they cannot afford the monthly autoship?

LiveGood is breaking the mold!  Not only is the startup cost affordable ($40.00), the monthly fee ($9.95) is affordable as well.  When you bring in 2 people, you will recoup your startup cost and you breakeven on your monthly fee.  This is a no-brainer!

You first must understand the business model.  Remember all the retailers laughed at Costco, Sam's Club, Netflix, and other membership based models and said they would never work?  While retailers are fighting for their lives, going bankrupt or closing, the membership based companies are exploding.  Costco has over 120 million members paying $9.95 a month to save on a bottle of ketchup, regardless if they shop there every month.  

Let's compare apples to apples:

Company A has a product that costs $10.00 to produce and place in a typical MLM model.  They sell the product for $100.00 a month on an autoship to it's members creating a profit of $90.00.  This is the amount used to pay a few upline leaders, a few influencers and the owners.  Look at any company in the industry, remove the commissions and then see what the products actually cost.  This has nothing to do with quality as opposed to the structure of the model.

Now let's take Company B that has never done it before.  They go to the membership model.  They market a membership allowing it's members that same $10.00 product to it's members for $15.00, the Company has enough margin to remain healthy and the consumer gets a quality products for less money and is NOT forced to buy it every month.  GET IT?  They have a Membership.

Company B is NOT paying out commissions each month on that product so they don't have to price it skyhigh.  The affiliates earn on the memberships, the consumer saves a fortune and the retention is thru the roof!  

LiveGood has the best priced products in the history of online, networking nutritional products.  It is GLOBAL/WORLDWIDE.  There are 6 ways to earn.  We have weekly conference CALL to ACTION calls. 3 websites for Marketers.  Total support from the team.  Fast weekly Direct Deposits.  New Products being added consistently.  New Powerline System. 90 Days 100% Empty Bottle Money Back Guarantee.  Owners and Management are WELL EXPERIENCED with proven track HISTORY.  Check out the short video and pre-enroll here:

If you want to lock in your position with LiveGood you are given your own business center in our fast filling 2 x 15 Matrix!  As more people join LiveGood every week, they are placed in the matrix UNDER everyone who is already in there, following their enroller.  So the sooner you lock in your position, the higher your position will be in the matrix.  
This article was published on 09.02.2023 by Chris Mcdonald
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