Early Bird Academy, A Perfect Synergy Concept

Early Bird Academy is your entrance to the first global community of entrepreneurs who are all co-owners.

Simply put EBA offers education PLUS the possibility to invest in technology start ups, which create hot apps, games and softwares, through licensed crowdfunding. Minimum amount to back a project is $15, some projects will have a maximum as well.

These projects are funded, then listed and taken IPO. The amount you've invested in it is determining your share capital in that project company.

The parent company takes a 24.5% ownership in each company that is funded and brought to the stock market.

Through the EBA education system you can be rewarded with first units, which will be converted into share capital as soon as the parent company, First United Capital Group, goes IPO (expectation is a 5 year time frame). 
The education is set up in a way that anyone can go through it and get the maximum benefits from it. You'll need to grow into the individual capable of handling all the wealth you are building with us.

You can build a diversified portfolio of stock, get dividends from each company and participate in the parent company's IPO. Imagine that the parent company will be co-owner of several hundreds of companies by the time it is going to the stock market itself. What do you think that will do with the value of the company?
Exactly, massive potential!
With each successful launch at the stock market, your first units increase in value.

Earn commissions on every sale you make. Everyone HAS to start with a $150 package. Learn and earn.

Make commissions on what your team is investing on the Earlybird Funding too.

Only ONE project at a time will be at the crowdfunding platform, with guaranteed funding for the project owner. Thousands of marketers will back the project, promote the project and once the product is final, will all share it through social media, making an app go through the top of the ranking on Playstore and iStore overnight, making it an immediate success. That has an impact on the IPO of the project.

A win, win, win concept, with you as the big winner.

Company launches within just a few weeks, so getting in right now offers you enormous potential, since this is brand new.

$150 with a 7 day money back (no questions asked) guarantee makes it extremely easy to get people on board.

Millions are made in businesses, billions are made on the stock markets! 

Join me today and let's start rocking and rolling!

This article was published on 15.11.2016 by Mariska van de Langenberg
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Early Bird Academy - investing (licensed), 150 USD to join

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