Events are where you learn the most and find the most motivation

I have been to two events so far for my particular company and two other events besides that.  It is a fact that when you get around other people who are excited about what they're doing and excited about life, it makes a huge difference.

Listening to training videos, whether on youtube, a podcast, a cd, or anything else is a much needed thing.  Attending a live event and seeing these leaders for real and letting it sink in that their success is real deepens your belief.  I know it did mine.

My company has regional events throughout the year.  I love the energy at these events, the training, and meeting people who are all on the same page, regardless of how long they have been with the company.  Even the visitors who are taking a look get an excellent education on the company, the products, and network marketing.  They learn why network marketing is a better way.

The first event that I went to with my company was in Atlanta, Ga.  The top earner in the company had spoken the Friday night prior to the main event on Saturday.  I got to hear his story twice.  It resonated with me and helped me decide to keep going through any rejection I might face.  Rejection is a reality that we deal with in network marketing.  So are people who seem to be too nice to say no, and we have to learn how to deal with that so that neither party in the conversation wastes the other's time.

We interview people, basically, to see if their mindset qualifies them to be in our organization as we build it.

On Saturday, another lady spoke and she showed me what posture was about as she described how she handles home parties.  Now, as I invite people more and more, whether we meet at home or at a coffee shop, posture is huge.  There is no reason to apologize for what we are doing, even if the person we are meeting with can't get the big picture and chooses to hold on to their skepticism.  We simply listen, and if they continue to object after they have seen the information, then they go into our networking journal to contact again in 6 months or a year and we put our energy into another person.  

We are interviewing people.  You learn these type of mindset things at events, and they sink in deeper at events.  Some events, or parts of them, are free online for all people.  However, I have learned that being in person at an event is just plain fun and boosts my mindset.  I leave ready to go again and am reminded to control any negativity I may feel.

Just being a customer and using the products is good, and that's the core of what network marketing is about.  Moving products to end consumers because they will benefit their lives.  A customer base is very important.

Contact me and we can talk further.  Education and events are two of the big keys to success.


Scott Moore

This article was published on 17.01.2017 by Scott Moore
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Mary Joe Thanks for the movtivation, and encouragement. I have never made it to an event. I do hope I will soon.  3 years ago

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