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How To Turn Cold Traffic Into A Mob Of Raving Fans

If you want to dominate the leaderboards , here are 3 quick keys every affiliate marketer needs to know.

Key #1: How To Be Unforgettable

Here's the aha moment for affiliate marketers with this simple key: you must make yourself stand out among millions of other marketers.

Understand this means your prospect will link you to what they want.

This spells the difference between success and failure for affiliate marketers because when your prospect links you to getting what they want, they'll only do business with you.

At this point you should definitely write down 3 things about your personality that stand out.

Figure out how to amplify those points and make yourself larger than life.

Key #2: How To Strengthen Your New Relationship

The entire process is all about doing things that make your prospect like you.

As an affiliate marketer, here's what this means to you. Your mission is to avoid things that seem natural, but damage your chances of making a deeper connection.

This key is critical to your success because  it's much easier to make a good first impression than to overcome a bad one.

At this point you should definitely list 3 things you can do to make yourself more entertaining and inspiring.

Inject entertainment and inspiration into all of your marketing content.

Key #3: How To Make Your Relationship Last

Listen closely on this key:

Continue speaking with your prospect daily - the same way you talk to all your friends.

You've got to concentrate on this because  you've got to get over your fear of emailing daily.

Emailing your new friends daily is critical to your ability to maintain your relationship with them.

The reason you have friends is because you think alike and enjoy talking to each other.

Talk to your friends on your subscriber list as if you were meeting them face to face every day.

They'll expect your daily messages and miss them if you skip a day.

In the beginning, as an affiliate marketer, you may not believe how fast and easily you can use these keys.

Once you put them to the test, you'll be amazed how quickly your business grows.

Need more?

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This article was published on 18.04.2018 by Dave Kotecki
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