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If you can't tell your friends about your "great" network marketing opportunity, is it really a "great" network marketing opportunity?

I'm asking this because I wonder if you think that  strangers are going to believe that your opportunity is so wonderful when you are unwilling to share it with your friends and family. Aren't those the people you want to help with the awesome products and working with you in the business?

Wouldn't you rather work with your friends and family? I know I would,  that's why most of my income has been from people I personally sponsored from my own network. I'm reaching out to people who understand the value of network marketing, REAL NETWORK MARKETING. If all you think that you need is some opportunity that is based on raw multiplication, that you can pitch to anyone then you're destined to fail.

Most people tend to see through that as a pyramid scheme, when all you're doing is pitching them the money side. Without people on the bottom actually supporting the network by buying unique consumer goods in high demand, no company can sustain a long term associate base because it will all collapse anyway. 

Look at the attrition rates of most companies. Even within their own database they don't have long-term consumers, customers that have been with the company ordering products regardless of the business opportunity for years . Because it is a scheme. It's merely a money game. Just because there's a product attached to it doesn't mean that it's a legitimately good product or even a valuable product compared to what it costs.

Our average customer on auto-ship has been ordering for over 9 years.

I'm going to offend some people on here and I may not even get this published but what I'm telling is the truth.

Even with the big companies like H******e if you go and search online and see what former distributors say about their garage front-loading practices you will soon discover that their products are worthless. They can't be sold because no one wants them other than the people who make their "big" commission checks on a bunch of huge front-loaded orders to their gullible new distributors/beauty consultants.  I only have about $250 worth of product in inventory right now which I never seem to have enough of when I am actively working the business, because my qualifications are not that onerous like a someone in a stair step Breakaway that requires a distributor at a higher pin level to qualify with non Breakaway volume in order to receive those big fat bonus checks. So typically what happens is they order $2,000 in product to get $4,000 check. Then they can't unload it before it expires and you have all these horror stories of former H******e  distributors who have their finances and lives ruined by this company. And I'm not just picking on H******e it happens in N****n it happens in A***y and it happens in M*** K** anything with the stair step Breakaway will kill a person's initiative to continue because it's just a hamster wheel of ordering worthless product to get a check that sometimes barely turns a profit. Go research your own company, but don't tell your upline, just go do it. They are terrified you will find out the truth and then they will have to replace you with a new sucker. Go to YouTube and  watch the horror stories and then tell yourself,

"I can keep doing this.  I can keep sponsoring people in this program."

 Well if you can, then  best of luck to you because you're going to hurt people that trusted you when you told them how simple and profitable this was.

The point is this:

If it's a great product that they can share with their family and friends and they don't have to have that big of an inventory why aren't people just diving into their program from their warm market even as just a customer?


Building a consumer Network with an actual product that people desire and will purchase regardless of a business opportunity attached to it, is how you win in this industry.  Because at the end of the day if the little guy with a few customers can't make any money he's going to quit. And then the guy who sponsored him in is going to quit, and you have a domino effect of people waiting and expecting to see this money rolling in on this recruiting scheme and it just doesn't happen. Do you have any idea how many free programs there are out in the industry with huge downlines and  no one making any money? TONS!!!

"hurry !exploding now!! next billion dollar blah blah blah blah"

Because no one is ordering products because they were told it was free.

I know the pitch I've seen it all too many times:

"you just have get three and you help them get three and you help those nine get three each and then by level 6 you have a gazillion people"


 Well let me tell you something about that. That has never happened in the history of ever! in any company at any time in the last 50 years of network marketing. Because if it had happened in any company the entire population of planet earth would be a member of the associate base of that company. After 18 levels of four who get four you have got over 15 billion more people than are currently alive in the world right now in your program. Can you sponsor every baby  in China, India, and Russia?

So don't promote those charts and graphs about how it just requires you to get a few people. It doesn't, it requires you to sponsor several people until you find a couple of gems.  A couple of gems will make you a bunch of money in this business. I put over 100 people in, most of my leaders put more than 100 people in. My first few levels didn't have 30 it had more like 400. Then I had that deep organization everyone dreams about that generated well over 30 million dollars in sales (and I am being conservative because my current software doesn't track the  lifetime sales of more than 40,000 distributors who were expunged from our database) .

That is the reality, that is the fact and that can't be ignored by a company's little math games which never work.

But it would be nice if real customers actually bought and liked the product outside of the business opportunity. If you have that you'll grow your volume bigger, faster, and with more long term stability than you will in either a money game or stair-step Breakaway or binary or whatever you will find in any of these old line comp plans and you can forget about ever filling a matrix.

What we're doing right now is  looking for leaders or people who are wiling to grow into a leader who understand what network marketing really is. It's getting a legitimate product out to Consumers. Which will build a solid stable organization filled with happy customers and happy distributors who are making money on  products sales and leaders who are making money from their organization. My upline partner I'm working with and myself have a combined experience of over 45 years in this company. 

If you are a person of integrity and you are open... Then  please by all means connect with me I'll give you the answers you need but you have to be serious. The main reason people quit is because they were told "it's easy anyone can do it." Well if that were true then everyone who ever did it would have had success. But it's a business and one of the most demanding types in which a person can succeed.

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This article was published on 03.09.2019 by Kevin Harrison
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