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Hey, I wanted to tell you about a website me and a friend found a 1 year ago that looks really interesting.

The site is called Recyclix and it's basically about buying waste, the company will take it to their factory and recycle it into plastic pellets used for making stuff like plastic bags, bottles, etc.

The way it works is not that straightforward, so I'll try my best to explain it, nevertheless, all of this information is at their Also, if you sign up now, they will give you 20€ for free, equivalent to 100 kg of waste (0.2€/kg).

There are three "phases" to the whole process, called a cycle which lasts about a month each. The first phase is sorting and transportation of the waste you've bought into their recycling facility, the second phase is the transformation of the waste into ground material, and the third phase is the transformation of the ground material into granules, get it?

The first step is to buy waste with the money you have in the investments wallet, wait more or less a week until you reach the ground material phase in which you can sell it for 0.4€/kg or continue the cycle for a few more weeks to get it into the final plastic granule form which is valued at 0.6€/kg.

You gain 6% of their earnings for simply reaching the second phase and 8% for reaching the third phase (6% + 8% = 14% total), I strongly recommend to not sell the ground material since you would lose a lot of your investments, so keep the cycle going and hit recycle. Once you've reached the final phase, you have 2 options:

Sell: Sell them and get a profit of 0.6€/kg, but lose the money you've invested. (I'd only recommend doing this if you want to stop using the site and want to earn the most out of the cycle)

Restart: Gain 14% of the total profit (your investment * 0.14) and you can re-invest the money you already had to keep doing cycles. Do this for maximum profit, but for over a longer period of time.

Example: Let's say you don't want to invest anything, so, you only have your free 20€. What's the best way of making profit?

Just start the process and hit the restart button every time you reach the third phase.

14% of 20€ = 2.8€/cycle.

Once you reach 20€ of PROFIT, you can withdraw it and if you want to, you can re-invest it, making your earnings double (20€ starting investment + 20€ you already earned).

Now it's 14% of 40€ which is 5.6€/cycle.

Investing 100€ (100€ + 20€ free from signing up) would be 16.8€/cycle, you would recuperate your investment in about six months.

If it's not clear, investing makes the profit earning A LOT faster.

Now the referral system:

If you send someone you link, you will get 10% of your investments, and if he invites someone with his link, he'll get his 10% and you'll will get his 3%.

Level 1: 10%

Level 2: 3%

Level 3: 2%

Level 4: 1%

If you have any questions, don't doubt on asking me anything or checking out their site.

Buy waste for a recycling company and get part of the profit they make from selling the recycled product.

This article was published on 17.07.2016 by Ajay Kumar
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