The Immeasurable Power of Gratitude

The Immeasurable Power of Gratitude

A habit of gratitude has been found to result in increased feelings of happiness and well-being.

In order to harness the power of gratitude, you must make it part of your daily routine.

You can start by recognizing the little things that people do for you everyday.

Thank the elevator operator, or the cab driver when you reach your destination. 

Thank your spouse when he puts your breakfast in front of you in the morning. 

Thank the stranger that gives up his seat for you on the bus or train.

If you pray, start your prayers with thank you.

Depending on your spiritual practice, thank God or the universe for the gift of the air, 

the trees, and the flowers. Thank him for your parents.

You may also have a gratitude journal in which you can record the things that you are thankful for.

When you have developed it as a habit, the power of gratitude will work in your life. 

It will manifest as the following:

The Power of Gratitude Helps You Overcome Self-Pity.

Where you may have had a tendency in the past to wallow in your misfortune, 

having a habit of gratitude keeps your attention focused on the good and the beautiful.

You will find that you no longer feel the need to complain all the time. 

The power of gratitude has taken that away. In its place, you may find optimism and 

a positive outlook. 

You may even rediscover your sense of humour and that proverbial spring in your step. 

You may stop taking yourself too seriously.

The Power of Gratitude Helps You Keep Things in Perspective.

Being thankful for your life and the things in it is a habit that can help you keep your head.

While other people choose to be stressed over work, you instead are thankful for your job. 

While other people complain about the imperfections of their spouses, you find yourself 

being thankful for the love that your spouse brings into your life.

The Power of Gratitude Makes You More Aware of the Source of the Things You are Grateful For.

It is a spiritual practice in itself.

Even if you are not overly religious, being grateful inevitably makes you realize that the 

good things in your life come from a source and that source deserves to be acknowledged.

Although gratitude is ultimately a gift that you give to yourself, it enhances your spirituality 

and your relationship with the ultimate gift-giver.

The Power of Gratitude Helps You Appreciate the Things that Other People Do For You.

You will find that you see fewer faults in others and you will be less critical of them.

Improving your relationships with the people you care about is a natural effect when 

you harness the power of gratitude.

Gratitude is key to living a life you've always hoped and dreamed for. 

Being thankful and appreciative of all the things you have in life is an extremely important 

aspect of attracting more happiness, success and abundance towards you.

Start attracting and manifesting all your heart's desire through the incredible power of gratitude.

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