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Introduction Myadsino

MyADSino or just ADSino started on the 15. 11. 2016. With ADSino it concerns an on-line casino which has acquired a game of chance licence in Cyprus. At the same time a Revshareplattform which might be most interesting for us here was integrated in this on-line casino.

Beside the possibility with the Revshare/Adshare to earn system money, there is an extensive partner programme. The so-called Starcoins, so our advertising packages run 500 days and tip out daily between 0. 5% and 1. 2%.

Chances to earn money

To earn the possibility most interesting for us with AdSino money, is the Revsharesystem. With AdSino the whole "Ad-Game" is called.

Money earn with "Starcoins"

The advertising packages which we buy with AdSino are called in the system "Starcoins".

A Starcoin enables to buy us advertisement with which we can promote then another project. I, for example, promote with it rerum my Blog. A part of the overall turnover is compensated to us again every hour for appendix of the turnovers of ADSino.

1 Starcoin costs 50 euros and has a term of 500 days.

Daily 0. 5 %-1,2 % per Starcoin are compensated for us.

This corresponds per bought Starcoin about 25 cents to 60 cents. During the whole term of 500 days about 125 to 300 euros would be possible therefore. Of course this Ergebniss is dependent on the turnovers of ADSino and no guarantee.

From these everyday payments we can pay out 50% and must reinvest 50%.

It is worth 50% of Repurchase rule!

An other possibility a passive income is to be based the partner programme.

Partner programme & career system

The partner programme offers 3 different bonuses:

- Direct bonus (of Direct bonuses on buyer in 5 levels)

- Lifeline bonus (of Additional bonuses for higher career level)

- Lifestyle bonus (premiums with reach of certain career ladders)

The direct bonus

The direct bonus offers us commissions the purchases of Starcoins of our partners, distributes to 5 levels.  

1. Level: 8% = 4 euros

2. Level: 8% = 4 euros

3. Level: 2% = 1 euro

4. Level: 2% = 1 euro

5. Level: 2% = 1 euro

The commissions for third to the fifth level become only from a certain number of own Starcoins a free-switched. Unfortunately, the exact number for this is not known yet.

The Lifeline bonus

With the number of the sold Starcoins in our own team, so to our 5 levels we can reach different career steps. If we have sold, for example, in our team 2000 Starcoins, we reach the third career step. Then from this step we receive a so-called Lifeline bonus.

By this bonus we receive per career step 1 %, in addition, on every sold Starcoin in our team.

If we are, for example, on level 5 and our direct partners buys to itself an other Starcoin, we receive instead of 8% of commission full 11%.

With this bonus it concerns a so-called difference bonus. Moreover a small example:

Andy is our sponsor and in the career level on step 8.

Martin is his partner and in the career level on step 5.

Martin wins over Andrea who buys herself now 10 Starcoins. Now as a difference bonus Martin receives 3%, in addition.

Because Andy would receive 5%, Stephan, however, still 3% receives, Andy receives only 2% of additional bonus.

Therefore it is made sure that needlessly high commissions are not tipped out.

The lifestyle bonus

Behind the lifestyle bonus are hidden premiums which we for this reach bestimmer Karrierstufen preserved. On this occasion, everything should be present from a pin up to Ferrari. 

The single lifestyle bonuses will change according to season, country, running actions and Promotions, it returns the marketing video. 

Because this bonus is topically still in the construction, there is still no detailed information about the premiums.

The game of chance area

I would like to come in the completeness also on the game of chance area.

On the web site of ADSino we have to take part the possibility actively in the game of chance. , Among the rest, thus there is Slotmachines, live casino, on-line poker and later also Onlinegames. Because I have no experiences personally in this area, I can also not come detailiert on the subject. We should look at the game of chance area, however, with care, because one can slide here quite fast in an addiction!

Payments & payouts

Available methodes for paymentsa are:

Bank credit transfer, Skrill, Payeer and ADVCASH

Bank credit transfers reach ADSINO within few working days. ADVCASH and Payeer became with me immediately eingebucht.

There originate no additional fees!

Payment is not accessible topically yet, because the project is begun scarcely (state 26. 11. 2016). 

A verification will be necessary to carry out payment!

Personal appraisal

Now with MyADSino is begun again a little bit what really has a lot of potential and might become very interesting during the next months. Of course we are here only at the beginning and cannot say yet exactly where the trip goes. The project has a few childhood illnesses still, how some missing payment possibilities. However, I think that something acts itself here during the next weeks and we might hear here still something.

Moreover, can we also "gamble" the casino to are of use, but how does one say always so nicely? „At last the bank always wins“. Hence, I recommend to concentrate you upon the "Ad-Game" and the partner programme if you want to earn money with AdSino. Particularly interesting becomes the whole if we reinvest our everyday payments in the first months completely. Thus become from our start insert of 10 Starcoins within 6 months already 40 Starcoins. One can work out himself what is possible with it. Of course this form of the investment is riskier, if the project should not exist any more.

I am curious what expects to us with this project and am tuned very positively. Just this combination of game of chance and Revsharesystem which there was not up to now yet offers us here very big potential.

Because the project still is rather anew in the market, the possibility is given here also nearly to everybody to be based a passive income by the attractive partner programme. Who has before to overshoot in the on-line marketing, a good springboard could have with Adsino for the choice.

At last everybody decides for itself where the way goes. We have the right tools in my opinion here, however, already in the hands.

My team

For MyADSino I have considered something special. I am I no friend of the classical RCB principle. For AdSino I would like to find for my loyal investors still a good solution.

Everybody (r) which has signed up with me so direct partner is, can contact as soon as an active number of 10 Starcoins it was reached about my email with me. The admission occurs in own VIP's pool for Adsino. 10% of my monthly commissions of ADSino flow into this pool. This pool is split monthly among all people in the VIP pool. In addition, the invitation occurs in a special tele grief group in which topical results gepostet become and of course the small talk is stimulated.

To the clarification I would like to explain over again with the help of an example:

Mike has qualified for the VIP pool, because he has reached 10 Starcoins after 2 months

- Announcement by email

- In the VIP's pool are topical 10 investors

- In the Januar I reach 5000 euros by commissions with ADSino

- From these 5000 euros 10% walk, so 500 euros in the VIP's pool

- these 500 euros become by the participants in the pool, divided so 10 investors

- Every investor in the VIP's pool receives for January 50 euros

And to the better overview over again the conditions:

- Upline must be "moneymaker123".

- At least 10 active Starcoins

- Inquiry by email


I hope, you have liked my image. If you liked to look closer AdSino, I am particularly glad if you announce yourselves about me.

Please, checks whether with the registration appears sponsor "moneymaker123", so that you also guarantee to be in the right team.

About this link you can join to my team. This is the link to the official info video that you can look before it also with pleasure. Afterwards on the top right on "sign up" to join to my team.


If you have any questions, do not hestitate to sent a message at any time.


I’m sure, we are going to have a good partnership!

This article was published on 28.11.2016 by Dominic Pechlaner
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Reiner Knapp Very interesting site, I might join later. But now I am focosing into Zukul Gold that will start on the 26th. Turns €40 one time up to €1,000.000.  3 years ago

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