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I'm on the road to 60 years young.  I am winding down a full time job at a University, I have a husband, 3 daughters, 7 grandchildren, aging parents and am working towards a new life of holistic wellness and practices.  My life is busy, stressful and full! 

I have spent a lot of years battling arthritis, reflux, adrenal fatigue and more.  Through my research I've found so many of the medications I was prescribed had side effects that concerned me greatly - ready to hear a small part of my story?  I'm very close to my Dad, and I have many of the same ailments he does . . . and I was taking the same medications for them.  One night he was hospitalized with under 27% kidney function and died twice on the table as they tried to stop his hemorrhaging. Fortunately, he's still with me today and getting better but it made me think very hard about the medications I was taking and wanting to find a better way.  I stopped all my prescribed medications and OTC's (I don't suggest you do this) and started doing my research (I do suggest that you do this!) and I've found a way that works for me.  And some of it might work for you.  

My husband was also diagnosed, a year and a half ago, with PAD (peripheral artery disease).  He has an arterial blockage behind his knee in his right leg.  Trying to avoid a stint and bypass surgery his vascular surgeon recommended walking, walking and more walking.  Let's grow those collateral arteries around the blockage.  My oils haven't helped directly, but as we are working with oils to promote circulation, stress reduction and energy his last 3 blood test results have been so positive.  The doctor says "whatever you're doing, keep doing it".  I believe it's working. 

The next benefit? I believe essential oils will give your entire family a better path to wellness. CPTG essential oils - high quality therapeutic grade. I love to share these oils and my many stories with anyone who will listen and may be open enough to try another path. A path without synthetics, side-effects and with deeper meaning.  I promote safe practices and health options.  I'm Aromatouch Certified with a wonderful community of health professionals, wellness seekers and oil users to draw information and experience from. I still have so much to do in my life path and I would love to walk with you on your wellness journey.  Catch up with me on Facebook and on the web (ever evolving).

This article was published on 18.07.2016 by Robyn Harcott
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Tracy Podaima Hi Robyn....I would be interested to know which oils you use to promote circulation?  3 years ago

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