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Almost three years ago I was approached to try this, and I found a wonderful product. I always like to read and watch as much information as I can, so I can learn what I'm taking and understand the process. That's important to me. 

I loved the idea that it was just take one thing to help my inner health, far easier than taking something for this and that, as that was what I was doing. 

I was noticing that I was having trouble with my balance and after a while of taking this beverage I also noticed that everything was fine. I believe in trying things out, so I stopped for a month and my balance went backwards. I knew then that I was on to a good thing. I have never stopped taking this again. 

Talking about relaxing, for me I found that hard to do. Things don't bother me like they used to. 

My husband takes things and then when he feels okay he stops. Natural or any medication doesn't work like that. He restarted taking the beverge again as he had an on going sore knee. I bought him a machine and he said that the beverage and the machine works well togther. The beverage enahnces what ever you're taking.

Often I had trouble sleeping and I would wake up tired. The beverage has also helped me with that. I have a good restful sleep and that lagging tiredness doesn't hang around any more. 

I was suffering from pain in my right side and I had been  going to my doctors and a Specialist, had a CT Scan and nothing was found. After taking this beverage for a while the pain has gone. 

Two years ago I went for a mammagram and as women would know, it can be quite painful, as I used to experience. That time after I had finished, I commented to the nurse that I didn't experience any pain. By that time I had been taking the beverage for one year. This year was the same. 

Going for my vaccinations, I barely feel the needle going in. I'm more relaxed and it helps. 

This article was published on 06.06.2023 by Lynette Mytton
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Lynette Mytton Many thanks Laur   3 months ago
Laur Ainelo A great testimonial!  3 months ago

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