The ultimate question of life.

One of the ultimate question of life is: “Why am I here?”. It is a question of purpose and meaning. Why should we simply not shoot ourselves? Why were we born in the first place? Looking at ourselves we realize that each of us have talents and skills, likes and dislikes, dreams and desires. As we analyse these logically, we discover that we must be here for a purpose. We must be here to do some thing. Perhaps invent some thing, or write a book, raise children, manage a department, play professional sport, design buildings, compose music, act on the stage or on the screen, care for animals, help heal people, teach children, share our skills with others and so much more. Doing this brings personal fulfilment. We also realize that whatever fulfils us, is the very thing that makes this world a better place for others. Our fulfilment comes when we use our unique skills and talents to help make this world a better place. In short we are fulfilled by serving our fellow-man. The only reason why service brings fulfilment is because we are servants. We were born to serve. Being a servant is not glamorous. No one wants to be one. There is a terrible stigma attached. Yet the logical conclusion to our existence is that we are servants. Why else are we here? We may argue that we are here to reach our full potential, to be all that we can be. I fully agree with that. But what have we achieved at the end of all this effort. We have served someone. Either our boss, our children, ourselves or our God. (Usually all the above) Think of it this way: What are we doing as we fulfil our purpose, as we release our potential? What are we doing by using our skills and talents to the best of our ability? We are serving our fellow-man. There is an emotional and spiritual freedom that comes when we embrace this truth. When we look at everything we can do and accomplish and realize that it has the ultimate purpose of serving: others, ourselves or God. Because of possible abuse you may have thought to yourself: “I hate being a servant”. The truth is that we are all servants. Of course that is not all we are. The big question is: “Whom do we serve?” I would like to simply put the following truth before you to help you develop your success thinking. It is my belief that we were created to serve the Creator. This service includes fulfilling one's purpose so as to lead a life which is not wasted, but rather one in which one's full potential is released. This service also includes serving one's fellow man through one's career and roles in life. Those who serve themselves only are also servants. But I don't believe that serving oneself is the purpose for which we were born. Find freedom in the truth that you have skills and talent to serve.

This article was published on 14.07.2019 by Anthuwin Cupido
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