CrowdRising Brings The World Together In Harmony! Peer to Peer Donation

CrowdRising is not Your Ordinary Program. member to member instantly receive donations from other members. 100 percent of all donations go directly member. This is huge come watch the video for more details.

When was the last time you had so much fun giving? CrowdRising Peer to Peer Global platform rocks. Give and receive even more. Start today by donating $20 Dollars to another CrowdRising participant to show you care.

1. Click the Upgrade to next level' button at the top of your dashboard

2. Make your initial donation of $20 within 72 hours of joining - this will go directly to your sponsor if they have not already filled their five place front or to a fellow member below them and above you in the matrix not to CrowdRising.

3, Advise Crowdrising of the details of your payment by completing step 2.

Let me say right up front I was sceptical when I joined but with an upfront donation of just $20 going directly to my sponsor I thought it worth a punt and boy was I right! 

Just one person in your front line will start the income flowing. I have upgraded to level 4 as I write this, it took me just one week to get to that level, I got my $20 covered within a day and my two upgrades have both been easily funded by donations I went straight into profit and have stayed there ever since.

What's more, the donations I have been given have gone directly into my own accounts not held by some shadowy company, no sticky fingered owner has an opportunity of running off with the money its in my paypal, my processor account, where ever I chose for it to be sent.

CrowdRising is not a company it is a software which enables you to receive donations from fellow members. There is no chance of any Ponzi or network fraud in CrowdRising as the donations come directly to you to do as you like with. More detail if you need it!

If you have already donated - good decision. If not, this is a good time to get started  Keep in mind, you have 48 HOURS to upgrade to STAGE 1 in CrowdRising. That's only $20 and you are off. Then, you'll get your promotional link to show everyone around CrowdRising. If you don't get upgraded in that 48 hour time window, your Free position will be deleted.

Louis Harvey

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This article was published on 11.11.2016 by Louis Harvey
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