5 Practical Weight Loss Tips

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Well if you have a few pounds or if you want to start a plan to have your ideal weight you will achieve your purpose. The first synthesizer that is very lively the first day and all the food that is around you like sugars and sugars you want to make a side and probably that day with the ability to say NO to all that temptation.


But ?? Watch out! This is not about starting with such a rigorous plan because this can also be a very drastic change for the body.

I'll give you 5 tips so that your first week of diet does not get too difficult and really works.

1. If you normally get up for the apples and the first thing you did was prepare a coffee or a smoothie, in this case you can reduce the amounts little by little.

2. After I prepare you for breakfast whether at work, school, or home, take good care of things you do not need for yourself. For example you have a sandwich and a fruit but you do not have juice. When deciding to buy it best for natural water since most of the sugar juices in high amounts.
3. Now if your thirst you can not satiate with the water that I recommend you choose a juice of any citrus like grapefruit, lemon, orange and in addition to that it contributes to your body vitamin C are good to burn fat, but try not to drink it All best saves half for the course of the morning, not always ending the bottle, if you chose for the juice preferably the sea light and fruit can after 1 hour.
4. If you have the opportunity, in your sandwich, try to fix it do not carry too much mayonnaise or ketchup since these dressings are quite high in fat and sugar and are completely unnecessary for your body besides they do not contribute so much to your satiety what If you bring too many calories and once you consume them less you will no longer notice the difference in taste.
5. It is very important that none let your body stay hungry for a long time and that make you lose control and that when it comes to eating you feel so hungry that you do not measure the amounts, try to have one your mind Busy And at the same time to your stomach eating fruit.

I hope it has been useful for these tips, we will be seeing again later.

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This article was published on 24.11.2016 by Juan Veras
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