Lead Generation Strategies For MLM Gateway Business Announcements (Know Them?)

If you are using MLM Gateway, then you most likely are looking to generate new leads.

One of the ways to do this is through the use of their business announcements.

But are you getting leads when you write new announcements?

If not, or you want to increase those lose, then you will find this business announcement most helpful in assisting you.

So, let's take a look at lead generation strategies for MLM Gateway business announcements. 

The Basic Factors

First thing to know, is the basic factors at generating leads with business announcements.

That is, if no one reads or opens your announcement, you can't get any leads.

So the first thing to do, is create an engaging title, an important topic, or figure out what you will do with your announcement to get the most eyeballs on it.

I do not know the average rate of visitor to lead with these announcements, but I know I get leads from them. And the more engagement an announcement got, the more leads it produced.

Title and content topic is the most important basic factor at getting new leads.

Connections Help

One useful way to get more leads from business announcements is to be always increasing your connections.

Everyone connected to you gets an email of the new announcement.

This will only increase more visitors over time, and help your efforts more.

Always be expanding connections.

The Lead Generation Strategies

Now let's look at a few ways you can turn a visitor into a lead.

If you get the title and content right, you will get more views to increase more chances of leads.

If you are not getting visitors, these will do NO GOOD!

1. P.S Line - at the end of every announcement you will see I include a P.S line. It can be congruent with the material, but doesn't always have to be. Sometimes, if the subject would get your target market to read, then the offer would be of interest to some. But if possible, make the text and offer as congruent as you possibly can. See my P.S line below. 

2. Video - Using a video will really help increase your leads. Videos create better engagement, and make more for a better search result. This is due to people staying longer on your content, and watching the video versus reading all the text. Below you will find the video (see how I added it) that I created on how to add videos to your MLM Gateway business announcements

Need leads? Here is where you get leads for life, that are generated for you, for no extra cost

3. Video Links - As you see above, you can add a link below a video. I am doing one above as an example, and feel free to check it out if it fits with your needs. But, if you use a link that is congruent with the video, it will greatly increase leads from the use of the video.

4. Anchor Texts - Anytime you mention something (maximum of two links of course) that is congruent with your offer, then you need to include a link in the text. These are anchor text and they tend to be the highest clicked link of all according to some marketers. So use them when possible.

Outside Of MLM Gateway

Don't forget, you can generate leads with business announcements on other platforms as well, after it's published.

Share your announcement on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google + and so on. It will only drive more traffic to your announcement, and help it in the search engines (get to the top there and your announcement will generate leads for a long time).

This step can also increase referrals to the platform, where you can earn commissions as well. So it only makes sense to do that.


So for an overview, remember these pieces, and you'll generate leads using MLM Gateway business announcements: 

1. Create a title that will get people curious and open your announcement

2. Make sure the content is value based. Solve a problem, answer a question, teach something.

3. Be sure you have the links in place that will work best for your video (that's where those visitors are turned into leads)

4. Promote the content like you want the world to read it.

5. Always be adding new connections when you get on MLM Gateway. This never ends. The longer and more you do this, the more powerful business announcements begin to become.

By following those steps, you will begin seeing more leads in time. You will see more as your connection base grows and as you learn more about the steps.

Don't get frustrated if you are not getting leads, because eventually it will come. 

Did This Help?

If this brought some value to you, please be sure to leave a comment below.

Also, if you have any questions regarding this announcement, or would like me to explain more on any specific piece of it, leave a comment and let me know

Lastly, be sure to send a connection request to me so we can connect, and continue sharing value and building connections. 

P.S Want a downline built for you, from the use of announcements and several other strategies? Take a free tour and learn how you could be benefiting from the signups I am placing under my team members!
This article was published on 31.10.2018 by Jaye Carden
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