Tapestri. An update on progress and why now is your time to join.

Hi everybody, this is an update on my main business opportunity Tapestri.

Following on from my previous business announcement there has been significant movement in getting what I believe to be the best opportunity for anybody to operate a great home based business from their phone.

First the issues we encountered. When launching the app the App Store ( Apple ) wanted to make sure it was 100% compliant and functional because of the nature of the app. We had to jump through hoops and hats off to the company they did it and we now have a functional app in the USA. Rest of the world will follow soon.

Now I am UK based so the delay was a tad disappointing for me as I am totally behind this as I can see it as the best way to create a LONG TERM PASSIVE  income. What’s more anybody can do it. So now I am going to break down the opportunity from start to finish. A bit involved so if you want to jump on board and get involved straight away or register for more info CLICK HERE and I will be in touch.

Here is how it works. You become an affiliate for just $9.95 a month. No big joining fee. For approximately 32 cents a day you are in business. You get a replicated website like mine. You then download the app. It is free to download. Share your link with friends and family. It is also free for them. And you are off. 

But why would friends and family download the app. THEY EARN MONEY. At the moment wherever we go, shopping, cinema, restaurant, to the park etc our mobile data is being anonymously captured and sold. And we make nothing. Not fair. Tapestri changes that. Here is how.

You download the App. You get paid monthly for your data. It’s all anonymous so no privacy issues. But now think of how many of your friends also would like to make extra cash from just doing what they do now. 20,30,50 or 100 ? Check your phone contacts. Lots of people there I bet.

So you share your app link with 20 friends. They then get paid for their data. You make $1.00 a month for all of them. They then share their app link with 20 of their friends. 20 x 20 = 400. They make $1.00 a month for each friend. But you make $400.00 a month from their friends. Now imagine the figures were 50, or 100.

All people are doing is installing a FREE APP and letting it do its work. Why wouldn’t you ? And the best bit is the friends you give the app to see it working and some will become affiliates.

Now for the serious Network Marketers among you we have CHECK MATCH. Yes the compensation plan is super simple and gives you the opportunity to earn a significant income simply from giving away a free app.

As I stated the App is currently only in the States but that is not a reason to delay looking at this very seriously. Thousands of affiliates are already on board. Once we launch globally we will explode. No question about it.

Let’s face it the cost to join ( $9.95 ) is within everybody’s reach. Giving away a free app is within everybody’s capabilities. And your customers can also earn extra cash with no outlay. Why delay ?

CLICK HERE and either join as affiliate or register interest. Don’t let this one slip you by.

This article was published on 22.10.2021 by Roy Hale
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